D8: Project Natal demo, with video

RANCHO PALOS VERDE, Calif. -- Microsoft didn't provide any new details of its Xbox Project Natal control system at the D8 conference, beyond showing its latest hardware publicly.

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N4PS3G5102d ago ShowReplies(8)
Omega45102d ago

Didn't look like there was any lag whatsoever when the boy was play richocet, even when he was doing those fast kicks. Natal really has come a long way since last year.

mrv3215102d ago

Pause at 0:42 and you'll see the bottom of an avatar shoes again.

It does seem less laggy I will admit that.

nveenio5102d ago

Yes, lag seems much less. But, there's still a lot of glitches. THEY'RE SO CLOSE!

SilverSlug5102d ago

was hitting the ball with the head, it was really laggy.

Bigpappy5102d ago

There is a second video below that one. I missed it the firt time also. There is no lag there though. M$ seem to be getting this thing to an impressive state with several months to go.
I suspect they have gone to production already. They need to have millions of these things ready for October or November the latest.

Alcon Caper5102d ago

Quite impressive with the lack of lag.

Imperator5101d ago

Well, they finally seem to have gotten the red ball game right. Now how about they try something new ey?

Good to see the lag isn't as prominent. Hopefully, this lack of lag will extend to other games and not just this one.

Omega65102d ago

LMAO! Man you are dillusional!!!!

wUTTer5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

If this skeletal tracking technology is suppose to mimmick a real skeleton, they failed.

If they can keep the avatar from twisting and flailing about, then microsoft may have something to work with.

I'm sorry guys but nothing has changed much since the "BAM!" fiasco.

MNicholas5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

But appears much more glitchy.

They must be using a simplified algorithm which trades accuracy for speed.

Probably a good decision.

Where's that demo with the talking boy who plays with the water?

AAACE55102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

Come on man... You know no one here wants to hear that! They want to hear "It's terribly laggy" or "The games don't look fun" and all that crap!

You've been here on N4G for a while. You know better...lol!

I didn't get to view the vids on this PC because of some flash issues, but I will on the other one. So I can't judge right now!

By the way guys, this isn't the final product! They are just showing how Natal has progressed since it was last shown. It's still several months away from releasing, so anything can happen.

Heisenberg5102d ago

But there was most certainly still noticeable lag...

Patrick5102d ago

It did seem like less lag although the lag is still there and is noticeable. However where I see the problems is the glitches that seem to be happening alot. Sometimes its seems like the avatar is kind of wavy and other times they just spaz out. I still dont see there being any true pin point accuracy. My kids may love it though. If it turns out ok, and thats a big IF, then maybe this will cause me to buy a 360. Disagree all you want, but at least I am being honest.

edgeofblade5101d ago

The funny thing about the lag vs. glitches: We've been complaining about "lag", so they shift toward lowest cost processing of the skeletal tracking... leading to more glitches.

It's a balancing act. Which do you want... accurate skeletal tracking or lower lag? OR, would you prefer to have a setting where you can tune it to your own preferences?

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lokiroo4205102d ago

Lag looks to be reduced, but at the cost of tracking calculations. The avatar goes crazier than the bam video.

Timesplitter145102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

Cool ball punching but I hope you actually have interresting games for this, MS

DigitalEnemy5102d ago

Still not sold on Natal, lag is reduced, but like lokiroo420 states above it cutting back on key calculations. E3 will make or brake not only Natal, but even Xbox as a brand. Soo much hype is around this peripheral alone Microsoft cannot afford for a poor showing and got to deliver on their promise in less than 2 weeks time....

I hope Natal does live up to expections, not only for microsofts sake, but for the game industry in general....

Alcon Caper5102d ago

Well, MS definitely won't let their E3 presentation be poor...I'm sure they've been rehearsing for months. If anything, it'll be the criticism from the media that will destroy it(not fanboy opinions). Fortunately, nearly every one of those closed door presentations have been positive with the amount of fun they've been having. Unless the devs fuck this up royally, I can't imagine a considerable difference in their response come E3.

IdleLeeSiuLung5102d ago

I agree with Alcon.

I think the only two things that can destroy natal is media criticism or a high price tag.

The technology from what I have seen on videos is working better than I expect and is far superior to what Nintendo introduced with the Wii in terms of being able to pick up subtle movements.

E3 will be the reveal! Anxiously awaiting for so many reasons including both MS and Sony's show!

err... Nintendo not so much personally.