Final Fantasy X's Lulu is the Cosplay Babe of the Week

Jon Lynch writes: "We’ve actually received quite a few emails letting us know that while Tifa may be popular and Rikku has her fair share of fans, it’s Yuna’s older sister that they want. So we listened and made sure that this week we honored Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

Considered to be both sexy and sultry, Lulu is quite the intimidating black mage. Originally from the island of Besaid, she was responsible for training Yuna and working as a guardian. In case some of our guests and members haven’t played through FF X, we’ll stop there in terms of Lulu details."

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GunShotEddy3429d ago

Ahhh yes. Some black mage action. You know what they say about black mages.

sahar2433429d ago

lulu, the boob mage.. i mean black mage! X:

VG_Releaser3429d ago

Meh. I'd take Yuna from X-2

booni33429d ago

read the comment title.

Marceles3429d ago

Yeah I was just about to say that, she looks just like her.

rockleex3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

But you're talking about the last pic right?

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The story is too old to be commented.