20 Years Ago, Final Fantasy Broke Its Biggest Rule — and It Paid Off Wildly

The franchise had been built around each game being an entirely original and unique experience. But that all changed in 2003.

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BrainSyphoned8d ago

I remember X2 as the game that birthed the idea in Square that FF13 parts 1-3 and the disastrous FF 13 Versus....I mean FF15 were great ideas. Hooray for continuations paying off wildly to the point of almost not existing.

Harkins17218d ago

And it still sold 10 million copies. Wasn't that disastrous.

kingnick8d ago

The attempt to make side stories to mainline FF games was another lazy idea by SE to maximise profits while expending fewer resources.

FFX-2 was a good game and I liked the combat system it didn't have the replayability of prior mainline titles. The comedic nature of the characters and story meant I didn't feel as invested in the game world.

ManMarmalade8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The problem with 13 was actually that it was ported to the 360. Tons of ideas and content had to be scrapped to make room for the game on the 360 which required 3 discs, while the PS3 required only one disc. The battle system had things missing that were in the original trailers too. I tried to like the game when it came out, but I was disappointed and stopped playing around halfway through.

-Foxtrot8d ago

The dress sphere mechanic was fantastic I thought

FallenAngel19848d ago

FFX-2 was my first game in the series

FallenAngel19848d ago

I love that game. Beating it multiple times is a blast

sadraiden8d ago

Is N4G trying to astro-turf themselves against all of the current SE hate? Seems like there's a lot of "SE GOOD" posts today in the wake of the Symbiogenesis noise.

Godmars2908d ago

I remember it as middling at best. The first FF I didn't finish.

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The story is too old to be commented.