Resumeplay: UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

Resumeplay writes: "Back again for another year, UFC 2010 brings on the pain along with some new additions. It has definitely made a mark on the sports genre and continues to leave a lasting impression on those who play it. In 2009, we were given a completely new type of game that pushed a lot of boundaries. That idea has been updated and now gives you a more realistic fighting experience. There are new abilities to learn, such as the Sway and Posture actions, and new submissions, combos, cage positions, stance, and boot camps. You have several modes to either fight with your own fighter or a pre-existing one and in a variety of weight classes."

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mau643764d ago

Glad to see it's a step up from last years game.

VenerableBmoney3764d ago

Me too. I never got into these games since I never got into the sport. But it looks significantly better than most wrestling games and those were always fun. Might have to check it out.

NYShotgun063764d ago

and playing better than 2009. This one is faster and more fluid. I got to buy this game!

CheatsMcGee3764d ago

I've watched this played over at a friend's house, and it's nowhere near as boring as the last game that came out.

SKGamer3764d ago

I'd still prefer a good ol unrealistic fighter like Soul Calibur or Smash Bros...

only realistic fighting game I like is Fight Night

jnune093763d ago

hhmmmm not interested in the game though I love watching the matches. Nice to see they did a good job though!