The Darkness demo has gone missing from XBLM

The Darkness has apparently gone dark on XBLM. The demo has recently disappeared from the network and Joystiq is attempting to verify the reason for its disappearance. Major Nelson states, "The operations team pulled this ... it will be back up later today." 2K Games is investigating the retraction from its end as well.

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JustCallMeDaddy5425d ago

I played and i didn't really enjoy it. I was about to get the game.

Crazyglues5425d ago

I must agree I was going to get this game too, but after the demo I'm done. I don't need that game.

It was cool the way it started and the idea and concept of the game was cool too, I even like the look of it the feel of the guns and how animation changes when you bump into stuff as the guns point up.

However that's where the fun stops. The whole time the controls for some reason are slow and that makes the game suck, you don't turn fast like you would in a FPS and aiming is weired as it somewhat auto aims. That part sucks too.

The feel of the game should have been more like Max Payne, the monsters on your side should do more but they are more like eye candy then real super powers.

I walked away hating the game even though it seemed like a good concept. The dark parts are too dark and pointless... all this stay in the dark is cheesy if you ask me. But whatever I'll pass.. too much good stuff coming out soon to be wasting money on a rental. (but thanks to the demo you don't even need that)

DISCIPLE1115424d ago

who cares that sh!t was garbage N e way

N4GayFanturds5425d ago

I like it! Though it reminds me in many ways of Prey (which was good too), I think I'll wait for the $30 price drop simply cause the multiplayer will get old quickly.

Laka5425d ago

I'm glad I got to play the demo, save me 60 bucks which I intended not to buy. If you ask me, the game is so so. I deleted it after about a minute of playing time, no fun.

ShiftyLookingCow5425d ago

agreed. it was so so okay, I would rather save the 60 bucks for something else. I deleted it after 10 mins.

ThisIsWaiting5425d ago

its one of the best storytelling games you could ever play. I dont know how a demo could do the game justice.

At least rent it, and play to end of the Orphanage level. If you are not hooked on the game by then, its not for you.

OneBubbleBastard5425d ago

Even demos are running like crazy away from the 180...


Numark5425d ago

you must have a wonderful life

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