E3 Finished as Big Exhibs Pull Support

From : "As Next-Gen exclusively reported Sunday, all major exhibitors have effectively pulled their support from the show, prompting the majority of game publishers to also cancel plans for high-cost booths. The ESA will make an announcement later today that will attempt to add some gloss to this catastrophe, with some form of media-focused boutique event - branded E3 - taking its place.

Some gullible journalists, evidently blinded by a desire to do-down a rival scoop, have taken this as evidence that E3 is alive and well and merely being 'downsized'. But this euphemism doesn't change the facts. The decision by big manufacturers and publishers to walk away has left ESA in damage-control mode. As we reported yesterday, E3, in its present form, is dead.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shindig has been a staple of game industry life since the mid-1990s. However, the larger exhibitors have jointly decided that the costs of the event do not justify the returns, generally measured in media exposure.

Publishers believe the multi-million dollar budgets would be better spent on more company-focused events that bring attention to their own product lines rather than the industry as a whole.

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TheMART5405d ago

Whow that's a pitty for the laughs on bad shows like Sony's at last E3 and their CGI of last years E3 where they are forced to show their real lying faces.

But still I think they're right. Costs are very high, it would be better if they spend it on real focused customers actions. And today, the internet and streaming TV interviewing producers, giving scoops and so on is cheaper, faster and everybody can see what's going on

specialguest5404d ago

even on an article that doesn't directly have anything to do with Sony alone, you still had to flex your fanboy muscles huh?

hahaha anyway, it was nice having the E3 events, but now it's time to move on.

Aflac5404d ago

...this year's sony press conference was a disgrace, and now everyone is afraid of sony's future lame conferences, and feel that it just isn't worth paying for e3 shows that are always under high risk of lame conferences (from sony).

General5404d ago

Always have to bring sony into this dont you, Anyway real shame E3 is stopping...

ArtG5404d ago

I don't trust this source. The writing was pretty snide and self-important, so I'll just wait to see what the ESA says before I listen to the weasel who wrote the article.

xeon1215404d ago

I'v always been exited with the specticle of e3, lets hope this is B.s when ign or another major site report it then ill believe it.

BlackCountryBob5404d ago

I kinda think this is a good thing! E3 was covered so well online this year it seems pointless to actually put on a show! Why bother flying everyone out to LA, spending millions on 50 or more LCD tvs for people to play when you can just put videos on IGN and make demos available via xbox live and the sony/nintendo alternatives. E3 had its time but the purpose it served has been replaced by the net, still kinda sad to see it go though!

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The story is too old to be commented.