Review : NCAA Football 08

A year after the lackluster NCAA Football 07 raised more red flags than a greasy booster donation -- missing features and shoddy gameplay, to name a few -- EA Tiburon has responded. NCAA Football 08 rights the wrongs of last season and begins its sophomore campaign as one of the most enjoyable football games of the past few years, thanks to a revamped gameplay engine, a deep dynasty mode and one of the most addictive modes in recent memory: Campus Legend.

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Mighty Boom4204d ago

I hope Madden is better though.

Lex_Yayo_4074204d ago

Dynasty Mode is good, but I really wanna play other people but I can't because the servers that EA has is so garbage. The game moves slow, when you push buttons it's so unresponsive. I give it a 7.5 just because the offline mode is decent

Mighty Boom4204d ago

Very unresponsive. And clunky. If Madden is garbage Im done with EA.