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Shaka2K65678d ago

And not a single exclusive game in there.

The WildAttorney5678d ago

Because you're going a great job. There is only one console with a majority of crappy games, and that's the PS3. Do you really think GRAW 2, Halo 3, Assassin's Creed, GHII, Call of Duty 2, Condemned, Oblivion, Call of Duty 4 and the Orange Box are "crappy games"? Are you still bottle fed? And a large share of the games on the link are indeed exclusive titles. In fact, the majority of Xbox 360's game library are not available for the PS3. By contrast, most of the games available for the PS3 are available for the Xbox 360, and most were available on the Xbox 360 long before they came to the PS3. Sucks to be a PS3 owner.

Raptors5678d ago

It amazes me how this guy has 5 bubbles. It really shows who's running this site....

boodybandit5678d ago

having 5 bubbles?
I am curious.

cow moolester5678d ago sad do you have to be to comment on a 360 article when you clearly don't like it....If you don't have one then your view on it becomes completely invalid

mikeslemonade5678d ago

Where's the deal with free XBL? Im not even going to consider unless xbl is free.

Silver Bull3t5678d ago

I'll assume you mean for a GOLD account, so you can play online. Otherwise you can still use the FREE SILVER acct to browse marketplace, dload demos, arcade titles, movies etc.

You do realize you'll spend more on 1 new game than on 1 FULL YEAR of XBL right? Some games come with free XBL trials included.

You could also add a prepaid XBL card to your Christmas list.

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