E3 Video: Crazy Hands on Demo of Rayman Raving Rabbits 2 from Ubisoft

This is the most crazy hands on demo EVER. Gametactic's E3 Coverage host Justin Lee gets a hands on demo of Rayman Raving Rabbits 2 for the Nintendo Wii from Ubisoft, you'll never see an interview like this again in a long time!

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M_Prime5425d ago

this reminds me of the first one.. as in the minigames are almost the same..

the boss one is the same as the one where u need to sneak out of the cell, the dancing one is almost the same and the football one reminds me of strikers so its new..

though it looks like the multiplayer is streamlined compared to the first one which i like :-) and i really liked the first rayman

firstworldman5425d ago

What about baseball? or should I say bunny-ball. That's surely different.

Yuprules5424d ago

They only have those three games on display, if you check out the "static screenshots" during the'll see some strange mini games...washing underwear! LOL.