Top 5 Video Game Franchises We're Wondering WTF Happened To

Craig Hasselback writes: "The world of video games has companies, mascots and franchises scattered throughout the past that never reached their full potential. Those series and mascots ended and no one blinked an eye. But what about those great game franchises that really were good, but for some reason went missing? We've compiled a list of the top five franchises that we consider to be the most wanted franchises that have disappeared. The franchises span multiple console generations and various platforms, but one thing they all have in common is that they were great. While the reasons they disappeared differs, one thing they all have in common is that we would gobble them up if a new game was made. So without anymore delay, here's today's top five."

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vgn243188d ago

Ahh Elise. A classic video game babe. lol Hmm, what did happen to SSX? That seems like a no brainer to have a sequel.

mal_tez923188d ago

I soent endless hours playing Tricky. Me and my cousin would stay up all night on that one.

ABizzel13188d ago

I thought SSX had sequels. I think this game was SSX Tricky. Kaori and Mac/Zac were my favorites I could do 3 Trickies in the air with them.

Eternal Champions was great on Sega, and I believe it too had a sequel, but the sequel didn't sell well due to Virtua Fighter.

I bet Sly Cooper is still alive and kicking. It's just taking the back seat to inFamous.

jonlynch3188d ago

They all did. Even Vectorman had a sequel. Eternal Champions on the Sega CD too. I think it's more about what happened to the franchise, not is there a sequel.

Inside_out3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Mechassault was a great game....still play it with my son from time to time...

Perfect Dark zero...The first version this GEN had was in development last gen and was launch title...

Kameo....launch title....great game play and graphics...didn't sell very well tho...

Black hawk down...would do well in the shooter crazy gen will live in...

Sniper Elite...same, great sniper moments in that game...

SW Battlefront on consoles...whats the deal?..that game was great...

Turok...dinosaurs with guns like in evolution...The last one this gen sold badly...if its not broke, don't fix it....

Luigi's mansion...yes, still play this with the kids/wife...incredible game...

Mario Sunshine....c'mon of the best platforming games out there...

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fatstarr3188d ago

ssx was better than tony hawk most of the times...

sly cooper was a really good game. it fit the face of Sony well
i wonder why they didn't make him a first party face.

but BTW whats with all these top 5 top 7 and top 10 x and x etc articles
feeling like fb right now.

vgchica3188d ago

I would love a new Sly Cooper game. A new Legacy of Kain game would be a huge seller too.

Bolts3188d ago

God of War killed Legacy of Kain. Just like how Assassin Creed killed Prince of Persia.

jonlynch3188d ago

Wow does your name suit you. You think God of War killed Legacy of Kain? The financial issues with Crystal Dynamics killed Kain. That series was the sh*t! PoP is dead? Tell that to the movie and inevitable games that are coming.

IRetrouk3188d ago

what about jak and daxter, i want a new one now, as for that little voodo doll game it was crap.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__3188d ago



The Getaway

Ape Escape

Star Wars:Battlefront

+ If they could all be PS3 ONLY that would be a BONUS!!! ;-P

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