Capcom: Why Devil May Cry Is No Longer PS3 Exclusive

Speaking to SPOnG, Keiji "the Killa" Inafune (Head of Research & Development and Online Business at Capcom) explains the decision behind moving the Devil May Cry franchise to Xbox 360 rather than maintaining PlayStation exclusivity.

"Until now it's been hard for us to develop multi-platform games, but recently we have developed this development engine that allows us to develop a game in the engine and then put it on to PS3 and 360.

JIN KAZAMA6176d ago

know if no one buys this game, then they'll bring it back exlcusively to the PS3. They lost a lot of PS3 fans when they did this, not becuase they brought it on the 360, but because they lied about it. First they said, ONLY on PS3, then they turn around and go multi-plat. I never have played a DMC, but I dont think many xbots will buy it, and now not many PS3 fans will either. Its gonna have a backlash in their decision to go multi-plat.

InMyOpinion6176d ago

Isn't it a good thing that more gamers get to play it? It's still coming out on the Ps3. Would be different if they decided to can the Ps3 version. What do you benefit from Capcom keeping it Ps3 exclusive? I don't see any logic in your reasoning. More gamers will buy it, since it's available on more platforms. If it's a good game, that is. I think it's getting a bit watered out. There are better options, like Ninja Gaiden and God of War.

BIadestarX6176d ago

Correction! They didn't lose PS3 fans; they lost pathetic selfish fanboys that do not want anyone playing AAA games on other consoles just so they can feel better about their purchase and to ignite flame wars and meaningless arguments. Gamers and PS3 fans will be ok as long as the game comes to their console. They like to play the games they want to play on the console they love. Period. Same way as lots of multiplatform 3rd party games... people will simply buy the game for the consoles they own or the console they like better.
"waahhh wahhhh... I am no longer going to play that game because is going to be on xxx console... I will never buy a game from capcom... wahhh wahhhh... let me write online petitions.... wahhh wahhh"... Pathetic and childish to say the least..... This goes to any other console fanboy....
If you are going to devote yourself to a game and you would hate that game to go multiplaform(cause you are a child).... at least be smart enough and stick to 1st party games... not 3rd party developer games without exclusivity agreedments.

Kleptic6176d ago (Edited 6176d ago )

I only liked the first DMC...didn't care for any of the rest...but I agree with Bladestar...I have no idea why exclusitivity is such a big deal anymore...

The only thing I prefer about exclusives is that they normally feel complete...and look and play accordingly...Some developers and publishers couldn't care less about pushing a systems hardware, and instead dump the crap title on every gaming machine on earth (i.e. really crappy movie games)...While I don't care about those games anyway, meaning I wouldn't buy those crappers even if they were exlusive to whatever system i own, I have always hated the glaring contradiction to video games...

A great game is the same price as a potty floater...the business end of industry gives the incentive at times to produce junk games and throw them at everyone...its these titles that are the only thing that make me hate multiplatform...and I do understand that there are exlusives that can suck really bad also...but that is beyond the scope of my point...

but take for example MGS4...why would anyone be pissed if that went to the 360? We already know that the PS3 version has been being worked on for a very long time, and that a 360 version wouldn't hurt the ps3 version at all...a PS3 is an expensive console...if someone is seriously going to buy a PS3 for that game alone, that is almost sad imo...especially if that person had a 360...If the developer doesn't half butt it, the title can be excellent on both consoles...and then no one loses...

It never once bothered me that DMC4 went multiplatform...only thing that bothered me was simply Capcom not bringing the PS3 a version of Dead Rising...I would like to play that all the way through...I think a lot of the people that got pissed at Capcom were not necessarily completely ridiculous fanboys...just were not impressed with how one sided Capcom was acting...they say "all games will be multi now"...but then pumped out Lost Planet with never a mention of a PS3 version...which is fine with me...I am just pointing out that I think that had a lot to do with some people's anger...Namco is stirring up the same type of anger from loyal fans...while Tekken was/is great...what I am not fine with is that Ace Combat 6, a franchise that had been on Sony hardware up until now (again, all i am saying is I wish they were multiplatform too), is only going to the 360...and the PS3 exlusive is Dynasty Warriors: Gundam...A title that, if indicated with any accuracy by the demo, is shaping up quickly to be the stupidest game ever made...

but whatever...make everything but 1st party games multiplatform for all I care (there still has to be some games that are entirely dedicated to a specific machines hardwares)...then Sony and MS need to get together and unlock online across consoles...that would be the best result in gaming history...UT3 PS3 vs. UT3 360...unstoppable...

So in the end I actually am pretty childish about it...I wouldn't care if everyone can play the games I can play on the PS3...its only the games I can't play that bother me...meaning I have never cared about losing exlusives...I just want other consoles to lose some too...I desperately want BioShock next month...and would love to play Mass Effect too...

uxo226176d ago

Bladestar, you hit the nail right on the head. I can't believe that some people still haven't gotten over this. How can you want a game one minute and then not want it anymore because it's being released on another console also. Kinda Childish...lol Seems like the kid that didn't want to play with the GI Joe until the other kid picked it up is all grown up now...haha

popup6176d ago

I agree with Bladestar although there is one thing that annoys me about multi-platform. Quality control and Best possible experience.

If I am offered a choice to watch a movie on VHS or at the Cinema, I would choose the Cinema as it is a better experience and the one it was ultimately designed for. Would I feel any less for the movie?

Maybe not but if I am going to invest 100+ hours in a game that offers a better experience on another platform and have to put up with a sloppy-seconds version that was clearly not designed for the system and and suffers no online functionality, no added content, glitches, pauses, rougher graphics, missing cut-scenes, less speech, etc. No thanks.

The point is, as a company, everyone agrees that it is good business sense to appeal to a bigger audience and that for example, a Gears of war game spin off would be cool for DS owners.

Ultimately as a consumer though, I would want DS games for my DS that have been designed for my Stylus and the units unique strengths and capabilities.

Exclusives and the rivalry and competition they bring about from other platforms have always been healthy in the evolution of the games industry and without them, many of todays classics would not have emerged.

I am just saying that a world without exclusives would be pretty boring.

Bludstanes6176d ago

Jin, that is absolutely ridiculous. I'll keep this brief and to the point, as I really usually don't respond to comments, but this one really caught my eye.
If anything, they will gain more fans, as they now have a wider audience to market to. I personally don't see it as "lying" more so they thought about it, changed their minds, and made a responsible business decision. I mean let's face it, as much as you may wish otherwise, creating and distributing video games is not done for charity (for the most part anyhow), it is done to make money. It's a business, not a non-profit electronic entertainment distribution organization.
Now if they do lose any consumers, it would be the die-hard Sony obsessed fan boys who would boycott the game to try and prove a point. But I'd put money on the fact that they wouldn't be losing any "fans", only consumers, as those same die-hard Sony obsessed fanboys who boycotted the game will most likely be drooling over all the glowing reviews, and getting erections off of video footage and still-shots from the game when it is released. Yet those sorts will still be too hard-headed to purchase the game, I guess, in the name of standing up for the rights of Playstation exclusive titles.
And pardon my language, but where the Hell do you get off saying that you think not many Xbox fans will buy the game. I never owned a Microsoft game console before the 360, I burned through two Playstations, and three Playstation 2's, and was extremely excited about The PS3's release. That was until I heard the price. Not that I'm condemning them for it(although in a different thread I could name a couple reasons why I would). Besides that's an entirely different can of worms that I'm not trying to open. I simply had to weigh out the pros and cons to decide which console to purchase (which is also an entirely different debate which I won't get into here) and decided on the 360. I am more than satisfied with my decision, and YES I will buy DMC 4, although I am an Xbox fan now.
You see I'm not one of those people who treat different consoles as religions, and I believe it's possible to enjoy, respect, and admire all kinds of different games on every system. Not every Xbox or PS fan is a fanatical zealot. There are quite a few PS3 games I wish I could get my hands on, and suppose I eventually will when I finally save and invest in the newest Sony beast.
I guess I ended up rambling on for a bit longer than I originally intended, and for that I apologize. The last thing I need to say is this, and this part is priceless. You say you've never even PLAYED a DMC title. Then how in God's name would you know whether or not a "Xbot" will buy it? How would you know that it would appeal to a Playstation owner more than an Xbox owner. As a matter of fact, how do you even know there IS a difference between what a Playstation and an Xbox fan desires? At least play the game before you start stereotyping different kinds of gamers and deciding which one's will like it and which won't.
I'm sorry if any of these topics have already been touched on, as I'm guilty of a bit of ignorance myself. I've only read the first comment made, and didn't even glance at any other responses. Guess that makes me a bit of a hypocrite. But after posting this I will go check out the rest of the thread to see how much of echo this post has been. Ahh well, once again I apologize for the length, and if you took the time to read this, I appreciate it tremendously.

Texas GMR6176d ago

There's alot of 360 owners who own the PS2. They just don't have the money to afford the PS3 right now or just waiting for the 'triple A' titles they want to come out.

JsonHenry6176d ago

Translation - "We are making the game engine so bland and generic it could play on a DS if we wanted it to."

BLACKJACK VII6175d ago (Edited 6175d ago )

The only possible "Backlash" of PS3 gamers NOT buying DMC while Xbox360 owners DO buy it, will only backfire. From a business standpoint, that would make Capcom & possibly even other developers want to develop even more content for the Xbox360 based on positive Xbox360 software sales figures vs. negative PS3 numbers. They don't care about "loyalty", "tradition", or brainless fanboys, they care about money. PERIOD.

Be careful what you wish for.

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eclipsegryph6176d ago

Just as Final Fantasy was on the Famicom/NES, along with the original two Metal Gear games, and Dragon Warrior/Quest, and how Sonic was only to be found on Sega consoles... Times change, mate, and companies and their games have to change with it.

Kratos126176d ago

so if Halo 3 comes to the PS3 then all the xbots will be fine with it?

kewlkat0076176d ago

but that's like saying if Mario came to the 360 or PS3.

Just like Mario, Halo is FIRST-PARTY.........So there is no Possibility, eveeeeeeeerrrr.

Unlike THIRD-PARTY games..Ala CAPCOM

Kratos126176d ago

Kewl when a game loses exclusive some fans will be hurt by it. If one version comes out looking/playing better than the other we have flame wars and mocking of the other console's fans. Plus if I am a fan of this series and I am planning to buy a system then I would go for a cheaper one and this hurts the other console too. All I am saying is instead of trying to get exclusives the market will be much better to get new games/exclusives to compete with an already proven franchise. That way everyone will be happy. oh you have DMC, we have Too Human. Something like that.

kewlkat0076176d ago

"when a game loses exclusive some fans will be hurt by it. If one version comes out looking/playing better than the other we have flame wars and mocking of the other console's fans."

The thing is you will always have this Fanboy babble because there is more competition out there in the VG industry.

Before Xbox 360 Sony had no competition and obviously, nobody cared that a Multi game was coming out for the Gamecube since everybody was going to get it for the PS console, and would be the better version. you can look at it from that POV and say hey competition is good, it will make console makers work harder to earn our hard earned dollars or you can sit there and whine or stop playing your favorite tittles because it is on another console.

Well is it fair that one gamer doesn't have money for 3 or 2 consoles and should be left out since he cannot play a game that's only on a console he cannot afford? now this happens because of 1st-party games and some 3rd-parties still exclusive, but if somebody is in that position, they are going to want a game to go Multi. Plus not everyone will own all 3 or even 2 consoles, when you bring the parents of casual gamers into this.

So in the end noting is ever fair and not all gamers will be happy. It is what it is. You can look at it from different POVs.

Babylonian6176d ago

Actually, the original Metal Gear games were on the MSX. Snake's revenge on the NES was a bastard sequal of the Metal Gear on the NES. Which itself is a bad port of the original Metal Gear on the MSX of course.

Though without Snake's revenge, Kojima would never have made the true sequal on the MSX entitled Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Just wanted to clear that out.

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power of Green 6176d ago

Most people are not game trollz. I think the type of people that believes what you're saying is the type that gives PS3 fans a bad name(rabid, angry, spiteful haters).

Maddens Raiders6176d ago (Edited 6176d ago )

they've done it beause they can. [=] more money. What a noble reason that is, yeah? Then again I guess being noble went out with chivalry a long, long time ago. I guess who really cares unless one of these releases outperforms the other, then Capcom would have some explaining to do.

btw - I own all three, which I consider a group of some of the best games I played on the PS2. Then again I got sh@t on by Namco and the AC series so my skin is a little thicker now. My message to these people will be personal. I'll buy the current crop of SNE 1st party exclusives first and (consider) the multi's last.

kewlkat0076176d ago (Edited 6176d ago )

chivalry sh!t, went out back when Nintendo Lost "EXCLUSIVES" to Sony. Nothing new here. It has happened before.

Final Fantasy - used to be a Nintendo game

1. I guess it doesn't matter where the game starts. Just like Athletes start their "CAREER" on one team(same for games), and they make a "NAME" for themselves, and they "JUMP SHIP" for more money. No more "loyalty" in sports. We are seeing the same in the Gaming Industry.

2. I'm glad this game went Multiplat. I remember, this was one of the Big 3 games, that Fanboys swear would never make the jump. Really who cares? It was a good sign, that there is more competition in the gaming Industry this Gen and if you want to maximize your profits, regardless of "fanboy petitions" then developers do, what they gotta. Seeing hwo well Capcom games sold on the Xbox 360 duhhhhh..no brainer.

3. The funniest thing of all, is once this game was announced Multi, it sent shockwaves through the "Sony Fanboy Kingdom". As well as, the game became an "Orphan" and was "Disowned" by it's loyal followers, as if the game is still not coming to their console of choice.(Stupid I tell ya) It was one of the first true signs of Fanboyism this Gen. Of course 360 Fans welcomed the game, as nothing is changed, it was still the DMC4 that was only going to appear on the PS3. Hey, I'll take it.

4. I applaud Capcom till this day, as one of the only Japanese developers stepping outside the Box to make games that appeal to a wider audience and not just the Japanese. Seeing how closed Japanese developers have been, I think it is a new trend that others will follow. Even SE is not opening up and catering to all markets at once with Simultaneous releases and as well partnering up with Western developer's engines and others things.

A. In the end, we may flame on about so much crap on here but for Developers, Publishers, and Shareholders money will come first, regardless of what most people think.

B. What we call "Developer's Loyalty" these days is the same as "we will give you lots of Money to keep this Exclusive" behind closed doors, type "loyalty". haha and of course first-party, well they have no choice.

DethWish6176d ago

Games that "appeal only to japanese gamers" actually quite often seem appealing to me, and I'm by far no japanese :P

kewlkat0076176d ago (Edited 6176d ago )

If I was to take a look at the Japanese charts, there is probably a lot, that I'm not into. Well take a look at what sells over there, why don't ya. If you like some of those game more power to ya.

Plus it's well known, Japanese have much different taste but they need to think outside the "Land of the Rising Sun" once a while. Look at what Capcom did with Lostplanet and Dead rising. Sold very well here in the states.

I only say this because of the Direction the Japanese Gaming Industry was going. Even Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear series, had something to say about it.


I'll never forget that. Western developers have gotten much better.

BubblesDAVERAGE6176d ago

IT is about tradition and DMC is a playstion game. I wont be buying this game just because of all that BS they were talking and now look its Multi platform , and besides this series is going dry since i played god of war. Bring on Heavenly Sword.