E3 2010: Miyamoto Wants You!

Got a question for legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto? We're interviewing him at E3 and want you involved!

We're sitting down with Mr Miyamoto for a chat at this year's E3, and figured we'd get you guys involved. Submit any burning questions you have in the comments thread below, and we'll select our five favourites to ask him. Questions don't have to be completely serious, but the more intelligent and insightful your submission is, the more likely we'll use it. So. Have at it!

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barakiu3120d ago

Question #1.

Is there a possiblity that you will make a Sonic game, either in collaboration with Sonic Team and Sega, or by your lonesome with Nintendo?

Question #2.

I was also thinking of a Nintendo school for developers that teaches how to program for every console that's existed using the original dev kits. With assignments being like, for example, design an atari 2600 game and the best graded game becomes a WiiWare title or DSiWare title or whatever the platform Nintendo has in the future. As they learned one console they'd move the next succesively released consoles.

The thought process being that if you teach designers to design games on these thought to be primitave consoles and the games still retain elements of timeless fun, they can design on anything.

Even outside of a Nintendo School if Nintendo continued to retroactively support their consoles that'd be great. Imagine Final Fantasy 64 made within the limitations of that console and released today (of course it'd have to be titled Final Fantaasy 64, rather than having a subtitle or numerically suquential name!) Or Mario 64 part 2, retaining a sort of graphical charm of the era, or any other cancelled/unreleased game, or new games altogether.

(What do you think about ^all that stuff^ I just said?)

Meryl3120d ago

here is my question
When on earth are you going to come up with a new I.P I am 31 now and much as I love mario, zelda and pokemon, I can't help but feel every time you release a new one it's the same old thing with small tweaks, I mean SMG2 is almost identical apart from having yoshi and different levels.
I just feel now is the time to dvelop something new instead of relying on the same old things, thanks for your time:):)