Zipper: "Socom 2 is the elite Socom"

A recent interview session with CJ Heine, who is the Senior Designer for Socom 4, made a lot of past Socom diehard fans very excited. Fans of the series and critics alike have claimed that Socom 2 was the best competitive online console shooter to date. Socom 3 and Combined Assault just did not have the magic that Socom 2 had, and with Socom Confrontation developed by Slant 6 studios, it cannot really count as a true Socom title.

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KILLERAPP3114d ago

Love the Socom series with the exception of confrontation which became better over time, but this game is going to rock, already on my list of must buy…

Chubear3114d ago

..correction, that game was crack

T9X693114d ago

Hell yea it was, I grew up only playing SOCOM 1 and 2, but SOCOM 2 like you said was crack. I played that game for 6 years and would still be playing it now if my PS3 was backwards compatible, since I don't own a PS2 anymore.

SOCOM 2 IMO was and still is the greatest online game for consoles. The level of competition and skill in that game, makes even games today look like complete trash. Man I wish I could go back to 2003.

rockleex3114d ago

So the "two lines of coke" was true.

rob60213114d ago

I think the call of duty 4 comparisons were what killed confrontation more than anything else. Lots of people were hooked on that game and SC wasn't up to par graphically, it was very bare-bones - it took a long time to come around. Most likely S4 will stand up to the competition better when it comes out.

morganfell3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Graphics had nothing to do with it for core SOCOMers. SOCOM has never been about graphics for such players. It's always been about the gameplay.

Confrontation now is the most played game on PSN. And there is a reason. Anyone that hasn't played the game since launch has no idea into what it has evolved.

Just like Slant6 did with classic maps, I want Zipper to bring us Sujo, Sandstorm, Fish Hook, and every core SEAL player's favorite challenge - Enowapi.

Microsoft Xbox 3603114d ago

Foxhunt and Enowapi are my favorite maps of all time. Fish Hook is good too but damn I spent countless hours on the other two maps.

AKS3114d ago


I hadn't played Confrontation for awhile and will have to check it out again. I was blown away by the excellent audio quality but irritated with it's unfriendly interface and design. It was nice to have such a focused, hardcore game, though. I did like what it was, but if it has improved significantly, even better.

Elwenil3114d ago

Confrontation has come around quite a bit from what it was. It's still not "perfect" but that can vary with opinion. Personally I still can't look at Confrontation as a true SOCOM title. Maybe it still stings that the game was shipped without features clearly labeled on the box and Slant 6's initial disregard for the SOCOM community. I don't think Slant 6 was really trying to make the "next SOCOM" as much as they were trying to evolve SOCOM into something more like CoD since that's an easy cash cow. Either way they definitely got lost along the way and seem to have found their way back a bit. Regardless I think Confrontation will be largely abandoned when SOCOM 4 releases.

On the subject of Enowapi, god how I miss that map. That map was a challenge, but not an impossible challenge and it was a blast. I never could get into Sujo, but Foxhunt and Enowapi will always be some of my best times gaming. Let's hope Zipper captures that magic with SOCOM 4 and brings back the classic gameplay with the huge variety in map types, locations and terrain. I want hills, valleys, jungles, wooded areas, open grasslands in addition to the typical urban environments.

mugoldeneagle033114d ago

Last Bastion was, IMO, the best map I think I've ever played. Sadly, it was only available to HDD owners at the time + you had to find it in OPM, but very worth it. Lots of SOCOMers missed out on the entire experience.

Come to think of it, all of the S2 DLC maps were very good.

ThanatosDMC3113d ago

Serious?! Damn, i should have bought it when it was marked down for $14.99!!!

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Microsoft Xbox 3603114d ago

This makes me so excited. I felt like Socom has drifted away from its roots. It's nice that they acknowledge S2 was the best and that they're using it as a benchmark for S4. Now I really can't wait for S4. I was about to write S4 off because of all the unnecessary Move coverage.

mugoldeneagle033114d ago

but I was a 2 way/all conference starter in HS football since my Sophmore year and I didn't play my senior year because I sat on SOCOM 2 alllllll summer and skipped off season workouts. The game was ridiculously addicting, and probably still by far the game I've logged most hours on in my lifetime thus far.

That said I don't want Zipper to try and copy S4 or try to replicate it to match S2, I want it to be it's own game, but Zipper should without a doubt incorporate some of the features/little things that made SOCOM 2 so great

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Vicophine3114d ago

Socom 2 was the best socom.

Microsoft Xbox 3603114d ago

It was the best hands down. We need a Socom 2 port to PSN!! I've been asking this a million times already. lol

red2tango3114d ago

When I was a kid my mom would bitch at me because I played that game for hours. If it wasn't for SOCOM, PS2's online would be non-existent.

Colonel-Killzone3114d ago

Indeed it is needs to be remade.

Evil_Ghosty3114d ago

I prefered Socom 1 online over Socom two only because
of the health bar I didn't like. However everything else
about socom two was better. If only they had Abandoned during the
day instead of night!

Hopefully Socom 4 will bring back the Magic of S1 and S2.

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