Brink developers discuss Split Screen, game engine and clan support

In a recently published interview made by Brink Game News & Community-site, Brink Creative Director, Richard Ham and Lead Game Designer, Neil Alphonso, answer the questions asked by the community.

"The release of a Beta for Brink is something that is still being discussed, but no decision has been made one way or the other at this stage."

Among other things such as the possible beta they discuss their game engine of choice, competitive clan features along with how deployables in Brink work. They do, however also confirm Brink will not be supporting split screen play which seem to go against their otherwise heavy co-op supported game idea.

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FragMnTagM3114d ago

as long as the graphics stay as beautiful as they are or get even better. There is no doubt the graphics engine would take a hit if they included splitscreen.

I don't have too many friends over playing on the same console, so playing this online with co-op is good for me.

N4GAddict3114d ago

The more multiplayer options, the better

N4GAddict3114d ago

They put a lot of work into the engine. Brink is looking great so far.

dohfOs3114d ago

it's a shame that they won't be supporting split screen. i for one would've loved it. but on the other hand i love the fact they're aware of the microstutter issues on the pc and that they've sorted it. also. i really hope their support of the competitive scene is something they can live up to. would be awesome.

outrageous3114d ago

I would've liked split-screen as well. Not a deal breaker but I do have kids and play split-screen often.

The game otherwise is looking very good. The CGI trailer was very interesting and looks similar to Valves Team Fortress series.

Kingdom Come3114d ago

This games looking really intriguing, I think the Co-Op is going to be a blast!

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The story is too old to be commented.