Pre-E3 2010: Sony

The past three and a half years have been tough for Sony and the PlayStation brand. With the PlayStation 3 struggling for marketshare against the Wii and the Xbox 360, and the PlayStation Portable having a hard time keeping up with the Nintendo DS, Sony really has to show up at E3 this year and give the gamers and gaming media something that will reignite the PlayStation brand flames and prove that Sony’s systems are once again prime contenders in the video game world.

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T9X694862d ago

I'm just interested in what there big news is, they said they have something as big as the "GTA:SA" announcement. So I'm curious to see what it will be.

PLAYWATCH4862d ago

Bigger than GTA: SA announcement?? Who said this? Sony? I don't know that sounds like a setup for disappointment although I'm expecting the best show from Sony but I hope so.

By the way, the Article is RUBBISH for spreading misperception. I wonder who is really behind these articles that are trying to paint Sony in a false light.

theunleashed644862d ago

there is rumor going around that sony is to make an announcement
the size of gta: san andreas at e3 it isn't rockstar related who ever
the source is said in my opinion i think they are lying or was fed
bullcrap but they said some rumor they got from one of there source's
turned out to be true don't know what it was but it gives me some

NecrumSlavery4862d ago

Sony had a rough first 2 years. The last 2 years Sony has been number one in everything it does and produces. Article sucks. Point is Sony should have a great E3 regardless.

-Alpha4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

Sony is doing really well with the PS3. Yes, they started off absolutely shaky but they've had great momentum since about MGS IV and the exclusives started rolling in, I'd say primarily with LBP and then K2 following after that. For me it was LBP that first made me happy to own a PS3. I know for most others it was MGSIV.

I can't wait for E3 2010. It's said nearly every E3 but I think this one will be better than last year's :)

jambabie694862d ago

metal gear solid four FTW

Corepred44862d ago

whats up with you guys? its MGS4. whats with the roman numerals and letters. i know its the same thing but the actual name is with the number 4.

NecrumSlavery4862d ago

Wow, got only 3 bubbles now that N4G revised itself. And just lost one cause fanboys refuse to play ball in both fields. Thanks guys.

Independent_Charles4862d ago

come on there must be a way of re-writting some code so that they have a bubble limit of 10 or something. if not whats the point of the plus sign

Colonel-Killzone4862d ago

Im interested in what all 3 companies have to say not just sony. Can't wait for E3

pileobunnies4862d ago

My PS3 is by FAR my favourite gaming system, but I'm worried Sony is going to be pushing HARD on the 3D stuff in order to sell TVs even though the idea of 3D gaming is still yeeeeears away for most gamers. Don't waste my time by plugging 3D just to sell TVs! I'm tuning in for Move and game announcements, not some technology no one I know will invest in for at least 5 more years!

LordMarius4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

Anybody know how long the conference will last?

Edit: 2 hrs? great now I can get excited....also link?