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Pure platinum: 5 PS3 classics to get you started

Arriving late at a party can be a daunting experience; already, everyone will be overly familiar with each other, they’ll certainly be drunker, and the conversations will usually revolve around some crazy incident you’ve missed. There’s only one thing to do; throw yourself in the mix, drink quickly and hopefully figure out what the hell everyone is on about.

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Fierce Musashi5159d ago (Edited 5159d ago )

inFAMOUS should have been up there in my opinion.

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jjohan355159d ago

If I'd make one recommendation, I'd say put Metal Gear Solid 4 last in line simply because once you've played it, every game after it pales in comparison. Leave the best for last.

JL5158d ago

Ok first....PS3 classics? Seriously? Isn't it a bit early to be calling them classics? We're not even out of the generation yet.

That being said....inFamous was overrated in my opinion. Great idea, not such great execution. In alot of ways it reminded me of Assassin's Creed. In that it was fun....for about a quarter of the game. Though the idea is nice, so if they improve upon it like ACII did, then they could have a really good game.

As for the list itself.....I'd remove GTA IV and replace it with Valkyria Chronicles. Then I would probably combine UC1 and 2 as just one entry on the list so I could put Demon's Souls on there. And MGS I'm not so sure about either. I have a friend who was like a seriously diehard MGS fan, and even he was disappointed with 4.

And by the way, yes I know I replaced a sandbox (GTA) with a strategy rpg (VC), if wanting to add a sandbox game back on that list, then put in RDR since obviously time isn't a constraint on their standards of "classic", especially with UC2 in there.

dangert5158d ago

late to the party that would be me lol got a ps3 thursday gone its slower then the xbox and abit quiter since theres no party chat but wow killzone 2 is the sheet!!!

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alphakennybody5159d ago

I'd replace elder with Demon's souls and GTA with InFamous.

Raf1k15158d ago

Oblivion is worth playing though. It an amazing game and tends to get forgotten in lists like this so I'm actually pretty glad it's there.

eggbert5159d ago

Cept I got GTA IV and Oblivion on PC.

They should have included motorstorm as well, its a pretty solid games and you can pick it up for aout $5 these days. LittleBigPlanet should have also been up in there.

JL5158d ago

Ooooh yes. LBP definitely should be in there to really fill out the variety.

NumeroUno5159d ago

Pretty good list overall. A lot of solid PS3 platinums it looks like.

-MD-5159d ago

Uncharted and Uncharted 2 are must play games.