Final Podcast - 1Up Sports Anomaly has cancelled their longest-running podcast, The Sports Anomaly. This is the final episode.

Per 1Up's site: "The most final and absolutely most epic Spors Anomaly ever podcasted features The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), Greg Ford, Andrew Fitch and Mike Suszek, as the longest-running sports video podcast in world history bids farewell with a sap-free send-off only the Sports Anomaly would dare to create. Featuring interviews with Madden 11's Mike Young & Ian Cummings, NCAA Football 11's Ben Haumiller and Russ Kiniry, NHL 11's David Littman, a Star Wars draft featuring Chris Baker, Bryan "The Fragile Eagle" Intihar, David Ellis, The Jack Kentala Sensation, DFW's rendition of the SA theme song in full, and so much sports video game information (Michael Jordan's cyber-return! BackBreaker's demo reactions! how sports gaming's changed in the last three years!) your skull will slightly melt."

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4thString3065d ago

The way the SA crew closed this podcast will be talked about for years!

ZgreenZ3065d ago

We can't wait to see what these guys are going to do going forward!

PoopieDeLoopie3065d ago

The best podcast ever will be missed. 1up doesn't know what they are letting go!

Tomdc3065d ago

It was a weird one.. I always felt like they had so little to talk about! I mean there aren't that many sports games and a lot of them are all just slight improvements on the year before. I preferred other 1up podcasts. This is no way near as good as 1up yours was before everything went to pieces.

indiemike3065d ago

Well, it was about being a niche show, but they also proved through 163 episodes that they had more to talk about than say, IGN's Three Red Lights, all banter included.

If you listen to the interviews included in this final episode, you'll hear all the interesting things about sports games and the way they're developed that even if you're not a sports game fan, you'll appreciate them.

Not many podcasts can accomplish that.