Xboxer360: E3 2010 Predictions

Susan Taylor @ writes: "E3 2010 is just weeks away and already the internet is alive with speculation over what big announcements companies are going to make that will leave gamers weak at the knees and gagging for more. Here at Xboxer360, we are keeping our eyes are going to be solely planted on Microsoft and anything even remotely related to our beloved boxes.

While I would love to be able to sit here and tell you exactly what is going to happen in a fortnights time, I cannot look into the future. What I can offer you however, is a peek into my mind and a sneak preview of how I believe the event is going to unfold. Unfortunately I do not have the time to talk about every single game that has caught my eye, we’d be here until next week if that was the case, but I have discussed the more interesting possibilities (and non-possibilities) and would love to hear YOUR predictions in the comments!"

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dazzle13091d ago

I would love to see Oblivion 2 be announced. I'll donate $20 to your website if it does lol!

Hanif-8763091d ago

I just really want a Xbox360 again please let there be a "Slim" :-)

AliTheBrit193091d ago

Dude, it would be Elder Scrolls V: ???

Not Oblivion 2


crapgamer3091d ago

I agree, Slim 360 seems very likely and the Natal bundle WONT be with the current Arcade as those are nowhere to be found these days. A few months ago the stores cut the price to around $140 for the arcades and I haven't seen any since then.
While I don't think the current Xbox 360 is clunky or big or ugly, fact is the Slim PS3 is still bigger then the XBox 360. I think a Re-brand with a Slim 360 and Natal would do better. Maybe ease the Red Ring fears a bit. Also I think they need to release a Natal and slim 360 bundle for $250. Reason I say that is, a Wii is only $199 and they will want to stay competitive with that. As for games I suspect.
1.Gears 3
2.Halo Reach
3.Fable 3
4.Crackdown 2
5.Ninety Nine Nights 2
6.Perfect Dark
7.Killer Instinct 3
8.Dead Or Alive
9.Blue Dragon 2
10.Ninja Gaiden
11.Natal games
12.Forza 4
13.Project Gotham Racing 5
14.Shenmue 3
15.XBL arcade HD version of Goldeneye
16.XBL arcade HD version of Shenmue
17.Final Fantasy Versus announcement to 360
18.Lost Odyssey 2
19.Oblivion 2
20.Slim 360
21.Portable Xbox

Some of these are more likely then others, but almost all have been rumored this past year to be here.
I know the $149 Natal price point and bundle with the "Arcade" is BS considering they have been burning off the Arcade's last stock over the previous months. Something big is up with Microsoft.

dazzle13091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Good call on FF Versus coming to the 360!

JustSkylarkin3091d ago

I think I would kill my own mother for Lost Odyssey 2. I don't think Mistwalker are going to risk another Blue Dragon flop though.

tidusiscool3091d ago

kill youre mom thats just stupid

snoopy693090d ago

some people don't understand a joke! lol!

AAACE53090d ago

Read my comment at 8.1

irishninja3091d ago

the ps3 slim is around the same size as xbox becuse the ps3 has a blu ray drive which is big

Silver3603090d ago

If they want to do this motion control right, once it is launched every sku will include natal. There should be no stand alone consoles sold after Natal launches.

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Chaotic_Lament3091d ago

A new Elder Scrolls game would be great. I've always enjoyed the extra bit a freedom Bethesda puts into their sandbox games.

JustSkylarkin3091d ago

I think we are long overdue for a new Elder Scrolls game. I've always loved wandering around Bethesda's titles, I'm a sucker for side quests.

irishninja3091d ago

id say it is sonys to lose they have a great line. gran turismo is 2 be announced which is one of the most successful games company they sell over 10 million units per game prolouge does not count as it was a demo but still sold over 4 million.

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