Gametrailers: Alpha Protocol Review

Is this action-RPG a summer hit or should it stay undercover?

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mrv3213117d ago

The days of forgiving RPG's of being deficient in gameplay are long past... you mean October 2008? The year Fallout 3 came out and suffered similar issues

-Bullets don't go where you want
-No mini map

Fallout 3 from them received a 9.4/10... funny isn't it how there biggest complaints about this game can be applied very easily to Fallout 3, and I love fallout 3.

SOAD3117d ago

Fallout 3 had a game map. And a proximity HUD on the right.

Alpha Protocol may suffer the same issues as F3 but does it have any redeeming qualities as F3?

ironfist923117d ago

6.4 seems a bit harsh, especially when fail games like modern warfare 2 gets higher scores. Still getting it though

TheIneffableBob3117d ago

lol, GameTrailers gave Modern Warfare 2 game of the year.

Timesplitter143117d ago

I like the concept of the game... maybe I'll rent it

BYE3117d ago

I'm even more interested in this game now after watching this review. The gameplay, dialog system and customization all look too good.

It almost seemed like the GT speaker was bitching that this is an RPG and not a generic third person shooter...

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The story is too old to be commented.