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"Alpha Protocol is an espionage RPG where the only weapon that players have is choice. Similar to games like Mass Effect, the decisions that players make throughout the game have a huge impact on how the story turns out. It’s all up to the player’s choice whether the characters in the game will be a friend or a foe. After delaying the game for so many times, Alpha Protocol is here, but the real question is: was it worth the wait?" - Just Push Start

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MattyF3066d ago

Ouch. Getting really mixed scores.

N4GAddict3066d ago

That's expected for a RPG not made by BioWare

Simon_Brezhnev3066d ago

You act like Bioware are gods when it come to RPGs

mrv3213066d ago

Bioware you mean that team who where assisted by these guys to make Baulders Gate? Ironic isn't it.

BannedForNineYears3066d ago

Mixed? It's not mixed if all the scores are really low, which they are.

Tony P3066d ago

To sum up, here's what's wrong with the game in most every review:

Unpolished mechanics (which is sadly true)

Stat-based shooting (which is a moronic complaint imo)

I cannot get over complaints about stat-based shooting. ME2 shooting is not real RPG combat. It is shooting for people who are NOT fans of RPG combat. I really hate how they hold it against Obsidian for sticking with tradition in this area.

MightyMark4273066d ago

When you get to play it, you will be pissed off on how the shooting is done. There are times even though you're shooting at an enemy face to face, it's like they're not there. Their HP won't drop...

pansenbaer3066d ago

Are you saying its kind of like attacking in Knights of the Old Republic...?

zatrox3066d ago

Yeah, sadly the AI seems like it's no good.
But I don't really get the whole bitching on the aiming, I mean Fallout 1 and 2 by the start were only misses misses and more misses, as well as in Deus Ex, even when that last one has nothing to do with Black Isle/Obsidian.
Meh, I'm pretty sure I'll have fun with this game. I dunno, something just tells me I will.

R_aVe_N3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I think people are just getting use to dev handing them everything honestly. Skill based attacks omg who would have thought such a thing was possible! ME2 is not an RPG it is a shooter with RPG elements.

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playstation_clan3066d ago

this game is going to be bargain bin, with so many good games coming out, this will get lost in the shuffle

MightyMark4273066d ago

Now I don't know If i'm still picking this up. Many mixed review scores ;p

N4GAddict3066d ago

I'll wait for a price drop.

PPNSteve3066d ago

I don't think its worth its price nor the wait..

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