The Darkness Demo Is Out On Marketplace

The Darkness Demo is out on marketplace the price is free availability not available in Asia or Germany the Size is 1.27 GB The Darkness is spreading... Experience first-hand the dark underworld of New York City with this three-level, single player demo of The

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Antan4108d ago

I downloaded the PS3 version last night, and seems a bit generic to me. Average gfx didn`t help. Plenty of high quality fps coming over the next few months however.

Wolfgang1874107d ago

Lot of mixed reviews for this game from people. I personally like it. It is a bit on the easy side and I know some of its beast features are a bit gimmicky, but I havent played a single player fps since Resistance so I'll prolly pick this one up.

gaffyh4108d ago

wierd thing is...the PS3 versions demo was 1.4GB. strange. Does the 360 version have the full popeye episode on the TV?

FordGTGuy4108d ago

probably just better compression techniques for the Xbox 360 version.

Joystick Radio4108d ago

Yes it does show full episode

TOM3604107d ago

This demo is awesome and the graphics are really good and the game play is alot of fun, I could play this demo for hours!

vaughner814107d ago

Finally, been waiting for this demo to drop!

Farfromreality4134107d ago

Been waiting awhile for this one to drop and was wondering why it hadn't happened yet considering the length of time that it has been on the market.

Oh well, at least I can play it now and find out if it's worth my money. I have heard that it is but, sometimes my sources can be shaky.

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The story is too old to be commented.