NCAA Football 08 Review: Some bumpy first steps for the college debut on the PS3

When the PS3 was released late last year, we were surprised to find that one of the titles that wouldn't be making its way to Sony's system was NCAA Football 08. The game, which burned up PS2s with its deep Campus legend mode, seemed to be perfect for the powerful system, and so PS3 football fans had to look towards the upcoming year to get their first taste of college ball. Well, NCAA Football 08 has finally taken the field for its PS3 debut, and while it's still a solid first step onto this new field, you can't help but wonder if it should've waited until later in the season to become a starter for the system.

The first and most immediate change that's been made to the gameplay is the scrapping of the momentum system for the new Motivation mechanic. What this does is allows any player to take control of someone on the field, performing individual actions with them like user catches, tackles or picks to boost their motivation levels and get them in the zone. Once that player is in the zone, they have the opportunity to make a big play and further inspire the players around them on the field. It's an intriguing system because it forces you to rely upon your actions to trigger these game changing moments, but it's also extremely underutilized compared to the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game. Whereas a measurable stat boost is distributed to the squads on the field on the older consoles, the PS3 version issues a strange orange circle from your athlete, which is supposed to mark his "sphere of influence" when you make a big play.

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Maddens Raiders5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

8.3 Reader score. I agree with that, the things they cited are negligible imo. Blue-27, Blue -27, Jet 88 - Black! - Jet 88, Set...Hut, Hutttt, Hutttttt!!!!

daveman35426d ago

madden 07 had a rough debut on the ps3 last year, doesnt surprise me that it's the same way with ncaa football, hopefully next year they have something promising to give us like madden 08 has this year

hikikimori5426d ago

Why does it only run at 30 fps? The graphics are crap. I don't understand. It's not like its unreal engine 3 or anything with a thousand explosions on the screen.

THE VIOLATOR5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

"Running at 30 frames per second and only 720p makes this a graphically inferior title to the 360 version of the game"

Why only 30fps & 720p on the "most powerful console on Earth" ? I can't believe EA doesn't want to make money off PS3 fans, & no, M$ doesn't own EA, so - Why ? I read somewhere that (supposedly) Madden & 2K won't do 60fps either on the PS3. Hmmmmmmm ...

Anyone have any reasoning why PS3 football games can only run 30fps ???

PS360PCROCKS5425d ago

achievement they confirmed at E3 Madden will be 60FPS on the PS3

NextGen24Gamer5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

And this is the number 1 reason why fokls. Game after game gets released and game after game that is released for the Ps3.....Doesn't compare to the lesser expensive but yet more powerful (for Games) xbox 360.

Sony fans can continue to make excuses to why....

But "Gamers" aren't stupid. Review after review don't Lie. There isn't some sort of conspiracy theory of MS paying developers to purposely make weaker games for the Ps3.

Its not that complicated or deep.

Its what Microsoft was saying from the beginning with confidence.

"The xbox 360 is the most powerful "Gaming" system on the planet.

It has absolutely nothing to do with lazy developers like Sony fans continue to say. These developers are Artist. And Artist try their best to paint the best picture possible on what ever canvas they choose. Its not their fault if one canvas limits their potential to make a masterpiece.

Now, I'm not saying the Ps3 is doomed. But, The smart choice for "Hardcore" gamers and "Casual" Gamers is the 360. Which is why its still outselling the last 2 gen console leader "Sony".

Stop bashing EA, Ubi SOft, ect..... Those companies you bash on your beloved Ps3....Are Casual Gaming and Hardcore Gaming magnets. Those companies make up for a big part of Game sales. And don't ever loose focus on what its all about.


And before you start talking about Unreal and Haze......And harping on what they will do.

Neither Game is released yet and there has been many a game for the Ps3 that was hyped up to be the next big thing.....and when released....didn't live up to the hype. I'm not saying that will happen with those two....But, let the games release and lets judge them then.

And its common sense what will happen when they are released on the 360 a few months later. I have both consoles and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know which versions will again be better.

Sony fanboys tend to live on "hope". And I feel bad for many. If I was rich enough...I would buy every Sony fan an xbox 360. SO this way while they "Wait" for the next big game...They could actually play the Best Games NOW.

SKullDugger5426d ago

I could not have said it any better!!!

weekapaugh5426d ago

sounds like someone is a little insecure about their 360 purchase.

paracardium5426d ago

lol this has nothing to do with the hardware.I wouldn't accept a free xbox360 or wait I would ..I could trade it in for haze UT3 and a few other games.If anyone believes Elitegamer then you haven't been following the news as of late.

SKullDugger5426d ago

It is the HARDWARE, the PS3 is suppose to have 10 times the power of the 360 and yet time after time the games look and run at a higher frame rate and res. then on the PS3. Game informer said RB6 for the PS3 ran at a slower frame rate no blowing dust in the city streets and textures were very rough, I'm sorry but it is the HARDWARE!!!!!!

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