Amazon Bestsellers: #2 PS3, #5 Wii, and #26 Xbox 360 .

The Playstation 3 is holding it's lead for best selling video game console on with the Wii trailing close behind.

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Maddens Raiders4525d ago (Edited 4525d ago )

Just wondering.

Anyway I like the way the PS3 is hanging in there. I thought that it would surely be a flop after E3 (the KZII trailer) and a $100 price drop. Good to see that it hasn't happened yet; I'd hate for my investment to go up in a puff of smoke. =P [sarc]

Skillet_1354525d ago

Ya I was wondering the same thing.

Huddymonster4525d ago

It is because with WiiPlay you get a Remote but non nun chuk. So if you want to use the wii mote for games that need a nun chuk you need to buy the seperate one. However I think Wii is a machine that will graphically look archaic in two years and that would be its downfall. Portable gaming can be forgiven in graphics but in house graphics will eventually be the reason people will buy the PS3 over the other consoles.


daveman34525d ago

well imagine if all the people who bought a wii of amazon got an extra nunchuck controller or two, that would probably put them in at 1

Juevani4525d ago

prolly becuz every wii owner have used his nunchuck to break the tv, soon we'll see tv's at #1, nunchuck #2 hahaha.. anyway its good to see the ps3selling stedy on amazon.. why does the wii costs more than the 360 anyway??

Daewoodrow4525d ago

Another article about PS3 sales going up after the price cut.
I'm sure some of them are informative but the Amazon bestseller list? Posting this many articles about a sales increase after a price cut is like posting an article about a ball falling when you throw it in the air.

weekapaugh4525d ago

can you post a pic of the gun thats held to your head forcing you to read these articles?

Daewoodrow4525d ago

And could you please post the legal documents that state I am now a citizen under the Soviet Union?

genericname4525d ago

"can you post a pic of the gun thats held to your head forcing you to read these articles?"


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The story is too old to be commented.