Review: All-Pro Football 2K8 reviews 2K Sports highly anticipated All-Pro Football 2K8. Is it worth a shot or are you better off waiting for Madden?

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MikeJonesOK5427d ago

what did u except? ^^^^^^^^

Maddens Raiders5427d ago

-I didn't realize that the players are cut from three basic models - that kinda blows as far as real customization goes. -- BAD

-- "If you long for authentic football simulation and consider yourself a gamer then All-Pro Football 2K8 should definitely be in your collection. It gives its all on the field, and leaves nothing out." -- GOOD

Bloodmask5427d ago

2K Sports found there loophole and the king is back. I would like to welcome Madden to it's new top selling platform.

Maddens Raiders5427d ago

you better not let know Peter M. know that. He'll be pissed!lol

Nah, I hope Madden can build from what 2K has shown them at that faux studio EA Sports. For too long they've hunted in the bush unfettered and now there's another predator in the undergrowth. Maybe they'll survive...maybe not. One thing's for sure though....Once my rosters are all downloaded for NCAA 2008; my time on N4G will be precious oh so precious.

Lacarious5427d ago

and here I thought EA's reach never ends.... APF str8 murders madden in every football category.

Rythrine5427d ago

I saw this running in my local Gamestop today and I must admit that its better looking than madden. In fact way better than madden. The only thing that made me change my mind about buying this game is the rosters. I'm a big NFL fan so updated rosters appeal more to me than legends. I just hope that EA will take notice of 2k and improve their game before their hold of the NFL license expires.

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The story is too old to be commented.