InFamous Q&A: Only using 30% of PS3 Power

From the Gamespot interview:
"we are currently using about 30 percent of the SPUs' capabilities--with the SPUs doing lots of heavy lifting for us on rendering, visibility, particle systems, skinning, animation blending, and so on...this with scores of pedestrians, cars, fires, etc., all going on. And the best part? We've not made any significant attempts to even optimize the SPU code. I think it's reasonable to guess we could put 10 times as much stuff on the SPUs and still make our frame budgets. It's really pretty amazing."

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Amplifier5427d ago

I hope we see more footage and get more information very soon, this game looks really "killer" if you know what I mean...


MK_Red5427d ago

They said they can up the graphics 10 times and keep the frame rate. This game would be sick and awesome. Cant wait for more! 16 months in development and still coming next year!

risk5427d ago

well not really up the graphics 10x he said they could have 10x as many things going on and they would still be able to optimize the code and make it work flawlessly.

Firewire5427d ago

Dude, 10X more on the spu's of which there are 7! then you can bank on the actual cell, that more than doubles the total output of the spu's, then on top of that you can bank extra graphical content on the RSX!
If that ain't the kicker you have blu ray to back it up.

next-gen starts when we say
Playstation 3!

Loudninja5427d ago

Cannot wiat for this one

mrk015427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

we always hear the PS3 and it's untapped power, but how come we never hear about the power of other next-gen consoles.

VaeVictus5426d ago

There is only one other next gen console. I don't know why we don't hear more. I remember hearing out Gears pushed the 360 pretty hard back at it's release, but I doubt that was entirely true.

Dev's should just make kick ass games and show us the muscle of the consoles. I want to see it, not hear it.

mrk015426d ago

I was just asking a question, that's all.
I also feel that they mention usage of console to reinsure people's investments.

the greatest5427d ago

that would be around 150% on
xbox360 power = red ring