Brink Squeezing PlayStation 3’s Potential

PlayStation LifeStyle: "In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Splash Damage’s Creative Director, Richard Ham, talked about the high-caliber talent working on the game, and why PS3 fans should get excited."

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pwnsause3070d ago

yea, i highly doubt that, especially when it comes to 3rd parties.

Faztkiller3070d ago

Yeah I hope it does but I doubt it will we have yet to see a 3rd party use the PS3 fully

raztad3070d ago

Well two things:

I find this hard to believe especially when a monster named KZ3 is already announced.

Second, why nobody says they are squeezing the XBOX potential?

Brklynty13070d ago

Well you have to have potential to have it squeezed out of you, no?

cyborg69713070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Because no 3rd party game came compare to sony first party. Why do you think? Or better yet where have you been for the last three years troll.

What is up with the reply button sorry this comment was meant for below.

Commander TK3070d ago

Brink probably won't use the PS3 fully, but that doesn't mean that it won't take advantage of the hardware.

Lol, because Splash Damage is 3rd party, then it won't go full? Kojima Productions r 3rd party devs, and their masterpiece MGS4 is 1 of the best looking games this gen, yet it's not even HD. FF13, a game which I hate, uses more power of the PS3 than most PS3 exclusives.

U fanboys here r miserable (especially the PS3 ones). And I was once saying that weren't any kind of PS3 fanboys. Man was I wrong

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Doubt, no multiplatform comes to the level of performance of the exclusives from PS3.

Even when a Multiplaform game is Programed to PS3 and ported to other consoles.

@Immortal Kaim

No, not only takes the performance of Graphics, also to take performance designed to the architecture of the PS3, Faster and more Efficient.

If they want to ''Squeeze'' the Perfomance of the PS3, they need to take advantage of the PS3 Architecture, not only a Programed version, also to take more advantage from the CPU, GPU.

But hey, is not late from a 3rd Party Developer to make this.

Probably Crytek with Crysis 2 use the best of PS3 Arquitechture.

Immortal Kaim3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Don't know why you guys always belittle multiplat games whilst simultaneously talking up PS3 exclusives. Some of the best games this gen have been multiplatform. In regards to pure graphics power, yeah I guess exclusives have more chance of being 'prettier', but it's more than just graphics for me.

@ Below

No need for everyone to get so defensive, I own a PS3, I'm allowed to share my opinion. I just think that so much emphasis is being placed on exclusives that a lot of people overly dismiss multiplats. In terms of raw graphics processing, exclusives will more than likely outshine a mulitplat (as they obviously have more time to focus etc), but then you have games like Assassins Creed 2, which I think is technically superior to the PS3's exclusive open world game, Infamous.


Chubear3070d ago

PS3 exclusive have shown to display much better quality overall when compared to multiplat games. Does this now mean multiplat games aren't "fun" or great gaming experiences? ofcourse not.

It's just simple fact that PS3 exclusives, especially those in-house exclusives, routinely show better gaming qualities.

Saying PS3 exclusives have higher quality than multiplats doesn't automatically mean multiplats are now total crap. You guys go too much to extremes with this stuff.

raztad3070d ago

Typically when talking about squeezing power means bigger and better looking/running games. It doesn't have to be the three of them at the same time though.

Gameplay is something you can improve w/o getting more power out of the machine. I do agree some of the best games this gen are multiplat.

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BakedGoods3070d ago

The PS3 exclusives are consistently the highest score games each year.

Funny how during the PS2/XBox days the XBox gamers are all talking up graphics. Now they apparently 'dont matter' when their system can't handle the bleeding edge of gaming technology.

Ri0tSquad3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

These guys are limited by time and money and so are other developers. I doubt we'll ever see a multiplat PS3 title rival GT5's graphics (1080p, 60fps) or gameplay. Developers creating exclusive games can maximize their game on one platform without having to "squeeze" potential in a very short amount of time.

I doubt we'll get the same visual quality as if this were an exclusive. Good graphics make good games even better.

The Wood3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Immortal Kaim. The fact that you can only mention '1' title kinda answers your own question and highlights the irony in your whole stance dont you think PLUS i dont even think those two titles are comparable...Infamous/prototyp e/hulk/spiderman, yep, assassins creed ...probably not. I can understand why ps3 fans can be so flippant about multiplatform games but its been proven more times that not that 1st party games > 3rd party games...please just deal with that...Nobody's saying they dont play 3rd party games here so you barking up the wrong tree. Many great games are multi but this topic is about technical excellence


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pwnsause3070d ago Show
Christopher3070d ago

Having seen what they've been doing with the game in general, I don't see this at all.

RatFuker3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

have to use that dawg dawn cell to maximize it. play beyond.


legendkilla3070d ago

ya man!!! i will believe it when i see it!!

BRG90003070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Every time anyone comments about using a console's full power, they are biased.

Game developers want to claim they are pushing the limits because it makes their game sound more awesome.

Console companies want to make it sound as if no one has come near the limits and their console is full of more potential than the other guys.

IMO neither side can really be trusted because both are telling us exactly what they want us to hear. In reality game developers are probably farther from maxing out the PS3 than they tell us, but closer to maxing out the PS3 than Sony tells us.

niceguywii603070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

They have the Killzone 2 lead level designer working on Brink. This is why Brink devs said the 360 can put gigs of textures on screen at once and only show the 360 version.

LOL First the KIllzone 3 team says PS3 is using all its has on KZ3 and now a developer working on (Brink) hired from the Killzone 2 team is part of a group saying the same thing.

This is why Sony is frantically saying PS3 is not maxed out because the KZ3 guy says they used all PS3 has on KZ3.

PS3 games are linear that is why they supposedly look so good because Sony prefers these games because it's easier to trick people in thinking a coat of paint is what defines next gen. Brink can achieve the same quality on the 360 without the game being linear. lol

theunleashed643070d ago

WRONG! once again no can be this dumb well except 360 fangirls like yourself face it the 360 was maxed out a long time ago by epic games even cliff admitted it get over it.

Ju3069d ago

Recently 4 (or so) brink videos have been released on PSN. All 4 are clearly game play videos running on the PS3 build - unless they doctored the videos and stamped the PS buttons all over the place - which I doubt because they appear pretty dynamically. Little screen tear is visible, that's why those are play demo videos - not pre-rendered.

Obviously, Brink on the PS3 IS playable and looks pretty good.

Biggest3070d ago

Won't Brink also find a way to fit, with comparable graphics, on a DVD? Obviously they're missing something here.

Inside_out3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I think Brink will change the way FPS are designed and played...the same way Gears changed TPS...

Brink not only looks has the best FPS game play mechanic anywhere...Downloaded this same clip off of XBL...incredible on the big screen...old footage but good...out this fall...360, PS3 and PC...

tinybigman3070d ago

and i gotta say its looking pretty good.

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Al Bundy3070d ago

No multi platform game squeezes anything out of the PS3.

sikbeta3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Yep, pretty Much seems like they [Third Party] will never catch up First Party Devs...

Meryl3070d ago

none of them make proper use of the SPU's so yes i agree with you bubbles++

3070d ago
mirroredderorrim3070d ago

He's thinking "I wonder if they will believe me"

LukaX233070d ago

Best comment of the day.

dgroundwater3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

"I wonder if people realize I'm Ken Levine with grayer hair."

In all seriousness though, this guy was a lead designer on Syphon Filter on PS1. He has some decent cred.

MGRogue20173070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

It's all about optimizing your code onto the CELL's SPUs .. Something of which I can 100% bet that Splash Damage hasn't done.

But you can't blame 'em anyway, The SPUs don't need to be used to run this multi-platform game, the main CPU & RSX can handle it just fine, no problem. :)

SOAD3070d ago

Are you saying that no multiplat games use any of the SPUs power?

That's wrong, man. There is no "main CPU" on the Cell. The Cell has a core that directs work to the SPUs. All games use at least some of the SPUs of the PS3 to run.

Some use them more wisely than others.

Faztkiller3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Yeah some game use them good some don't
I think BLUR uses them good with the lighting

Ju3069d ago

Early games didn't touch the SPUs. Those were quick ports running on the (single core) PPU using GPU/shader code only.

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