Breaking News :Silicon Knights Files Lawsuit Against Epic

According to a statement from Epic's Mark Rein sent to leading news outlets including Gamasutra, the Unreal Engine 3 creator is the subject of a lawsuit from licensee Silicon Knights, presumably regarding UE3-utilizing Xbox 360 title Too Human.

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ShiftyLookingCow5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

What the hell? Screw Silicon Knights, sad Too Human looked promising now they are going to have to switch Engines. Fycked this is.

@_insane_cobra, thats probably the case. sorry for my cr*p reaction, the news was totally unexpected. I was biased towards Epic, lets wait for the details to come out.

[edit] Looks like Epic has not been keeping its end of the deal and that its confirmed Silicon Knights is making their own engine for Too Human.

@ktchong, I already read it and said sorry for my cr*p reaction.

_insane_cobra5426d ago

Why would they? They're covered by the contract. In fact, they're probably suing exactly because they believe Epic hasn't been adhering to their contractual obligations.

ArduousAndy5426d ago

Im doing a class action lawsuit on epic myself.

They are just to awesome to exist.

the_round_peg5426d ago

Epic broke their contract and failed to live up to their contractual obligations.

OneBubbleBastard5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

What? you can't deal with the fact that Too Human is going to suck @ss??

MAN you're up for a treat when that piece of sh*t PS3 wannabe game gets released.. 6.0 maximun for that crappy game.

PS: IF (and that's a BIG IF) it gets released

gamehead5426d ago

this definetly explains the delay and while i honestly don't think this game will be that good but i will remain open minded till i get my hands on it or at least see something more promising. I do think it will get a 7. rating at least

Kyur4ThePain5426d ago


Now, let's look at that statement...what does it do? What does it bring to this site, this article, these people?

Absolutely nothing.

You really are a complete ass, aren't you?

I challenge you to state what exactly Darth did to deserve that comment. What did he do IN THIS THREAD?

ShiftyLookingCow5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

I never said Too Human sucked or anything, read again I said it was promising. It seems Silicon Knights is saying UE 3 support is inadequate(I am guessing sorry it could be anything), I find it hard that Epic would allow Silicon Knights to continue to use UE 3 unless they reach an amicable settlement. It seems that wont be the case.

The Wood5426d ago

or be called a fanboy, lose bubbles or told to STFU, sheesh. nothing wrong with his statement.

Changing the engine seems the most likely outcome, more delays yes but if the games story and content were good the engine shouldn't kill the game as a whole thats even if the new engine is worse that the ut3 engine.

power of Green 5426d ago

LOL. WoW this many replies for what?. LOL...

Antan5426d ago

Because you cried, and it was funny.

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TriggerHappy5426d ago

Now i see why this game was not at E3. Oh well, hope they sort this out though.

fopums5426d ago

not enough detail in that article to actually know whats going on.....hope they get it worked out in a timely manner

Antan5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Well well, this games had more ups and downs than than Duke Nukem Forever!!!, well maybe not that bad but......A good move by Epic to mention this straight away, sadly the rumour mill will still grind out some whacked out theories on this!! Take everything with a pinch of salt until it hits the courthouse.

@POG ^^^^.....Easy tiger, take that happy pill and wipe away the tears. Seriously! its nothing to cry about is it? Sheesh, must be time of the month?

fenderputty5426d ago

"that time of the month" for POG

power of Green 5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

No one wants to hear his fanboy understanding of what happend its not crying its the straight to the point "no one wants to hears his opinion of something its seems he did not even read". Stop stalking me man you've been doing this for a couple of weeks just itching to call me out, pathetic!. Move on man. Stop with your malice driven spite post and get your head checked lol.

What is this the movie fatal attraction?(do you have issues?) I mean look at you post #2.7 you have issues a response is fine a grudge is Ludacris move! Bi**h.

Antan5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

"Stop stalking me man you've been doing this for a couple of weeks just itching to call me out"

Don`t flatter yourself.

"you have issues a response is fine a grudge is Ludacris move! Bi**h."

Do they teach English in the US?

"Stop with your malice driven spite post and get your head checked lol."

My psychiatrist said my head was fine last time i stalked him! MMUUAAHHAAHHAA.

POG, no ones stalking you, lighten up a little huh? don`t get worked over over such trivial things! they`re only videogames, nothing more nothing less. If you are are going to moan at PS3 girls for posting crap then can you not expect the favour returned? If someone has an opinion that differs from yours, doesn`t mean theyre a fangirl from the opposite side which you seem to remark at every opportunity. People on here disagree with you or call you out because you bite back, you take it too personally and are easy prey. Alls good in the world, try for yourself.

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