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Yes the economy sucks, it’s hard to find a job and you’re damn near broke. You want to still be able to entertain yourself, but you don't have $60 to shell out each time you want a game. Look no further Xbox 360 fans because there is one game right in front of your noses.

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Valay4376d ago

If this is in the bargain bin, you should pick it up.

HolyOrangeCows4376d ago

It's very short, but it's a great game if you can get it cheap.

Inside_out4376d ago

Crackdown was great kids still run around with everything unlocked blowing up the world....

gameseveryday4376d ago

Crackdown was one of my favorites for the 360. Unfortunately it was overshadowed by other games released around the same time and it didn't get the exposure and sales that it deserved. I'm definitely looking forward to Crackdown 2.

GUCommander4376d ago

yea exactly. Hopefully with such a cheap price tag and a new one coming out soon people will give it a shot.

Ziriux4376d ago

I loveeeeeeeee Crackdown.

DaysUntold4376d ago

Crackdown was the first 360 game that I played and actually enjoyed. Back then the good games were few and far between. You should definitely consider picking the game up if you haven't already done so. It's so cheap! :)

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