NCAA to join NHL 11?

It appears that the Canadian Hockey League might be getting some company within the EA Sports NHL franchise.

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MrESteel3070d ago

Going to be a great year for NHL fans.

Montrealien3070d ago

The CHL is one thing, but the NCAA also? NHL 11 will be huge! Then again, every new EA sports NHL is huge here in MTL, but with all the players and franchises from the CHL and the NCAA, this will make one for the books!

now throw us a bone and put in the CFL in the next Madden game! lol

HyperBear3070d ago

Its about damn time they did this. Can you imagine playing the franchise dynasty mode now. Bring in your player and play on a college team, then go to the draft and make it all cgi and what-not. get drafted, go to the farm team of the drafted team. OMG:/.....I honestly cannot wait for NHL 11.

mugoldeneagle033070d ago

I'm a huge hockey fan in general and this would be amazing news. A lot of people don't realize how big NCAA hockey is, especially in states like mine (Wisconsin), where we don't and can't get an NHL team. The Badgers are all we got.

I get that it won't be the best addition for casual NHL players, but it's huge for others. And it makes perfect sense, obviously an NCAA game couldn't release on its own.

Keeping my fingers crossed on this one

Demons Souls3070d ago

I don't want any NCAA garbage in games like this. That's why I avoid that crap to begin with.

Montrealien3070d ago

what are you talking about? that`s like saying you don`t want AAA and AA in baseball games so you can fully take advantage of a career mode from the minors the the big leagues. that`s crazy, this is not a downgrade, this is an upgrade to a more complete hockey experience. i foy ucan`t see that, that is just crazy.

MrESteel3070d ago

Not even close man. Its just bring more realism to Be a Pro and GM Mode. As well as adding depth

Smokeyy903070d ago

Hopefully it does not gimp the overall experience.

MrESteel3070d ago

It wont I said above its going to add so much depth and realism into the game!!

Wolverine20213070d ago

effing amazing if they could pull it off in this years game.