Project Natal: first impressions

Microsoft's next-generation gaming experience didn't impress me by what it did but more for what it will be able to do. The possibiliites will be limitless.

There has been so much buzz around Microsoft Project Natal for the Xbox 360; a piece of kit that essentially turns an already impressive games console into a whole new gaming and entertainment experience by adding an advanced camera that captures your entire body and translates the movements into an on-screen avatar.

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Stuart57564877d ago

I'll give Natal a go, I really hope it is good, just hope they have more to show at E3 not more Ricochet!

Al Bundy4877d ago

You're willing to pay $150 to play kickball?

tatotiburon4877d ago

and kickball is the only game that natal will have right?

-MD-4877d ago

He seems to think it's launching with one game so let's just let him be.

Double Toasted4877d ago

All that, plus its a mic. Thats one thing I like about the PSEye, I don't have to put it on my ear...

darthv724877d ago

There is potential in non gaming related tasks for this device. You can't say the same about the wii-mote and quite possibly the move.

Although, who are we kidding. we are gamers so this potential means squat to us. We want games and only games that can be played no other way as a means to justify the purchase.

I am optimistic and really look forward to the use of the system to navigate the NXE as well as the casual games here and there. Hardcore gamers are the ones not so forgiving MS...you better pay attention.

D4RkNIKON4877d ago

"There is potential in non gaming related tasks for this device."

Too bad you can't say the same about gaming related tasks, with no buttons it really limits the device.

The Maxx4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )


I guess for those games that NEED buttons won't be a NATAL game. I guess NATAL will just have to focus on ALL THOSE other possibilities gamers can experience that won't necessitate a button.

There, Problem solved. Not sure why such an easy solution is so hard for you to understand.

Patrick4877d ago

Yeah but problem is most Hardcore games are those games that NEED buttons and your right, those HARDCORE games won't be NATAL games. So, I guess NATAL will just have to focus on ALL THOSE other EXTREMELY CASUAL possibilities CASUAL gamers can experience that won't necessitate a button.

There, Problem solved. Not sure why such an easy problem is so hard for you to understand.

What they have shown so far practically shouts out CASUAL, and MS has not shown ONE thing to prove otherwise. Thats the problem gamers are having with it. Sony at least is showing they can do and will do both.

KingME4877d ago

The so-called HARDCORE gamer BS again.


1. Do you games for a living?
2. Are you getting paid to game (beside getting 2 buck for beating your lame a$$ friend in madden.)

1. Do you not have a social life outside of XBL or PSN?
2. Do you ONLY play games in your spare time?
3. Do you not have a job because all you do is play video games.

If you can't answer yes to at least one of the above questions, the STFU, you are NOT a HARDCORE gamer.

If you don't want to play with MOVE, Natal, or WiiMotes, the fine don't buy it. In the end, no one but you will be missing out, and no one beside you will give a damn.

Just, by all mean shut up about already.

Patrick4876d ago

I never mentioned hardcore gamers and only mention casuals as those that just pick up and play every so often but dont strive to truly beat a game or get better at a game with more and more skill.

I believe that if you will indeed read and actually comprehend what I was saying, you will see I was talking about the differences in CASUAL games(those games that require no skill, no actual time playing and learning to get better, not to mention most of the time with a casual game, button mashing can get a novice gamer a win over a veteran gamer) and HARDCORE games. (pretty much the exact opposite, Games that require you to put in time to get better and better, they require trial and error to become a better player, usually with these games button mashing will not help)

So uh.. get over yourself.

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Bigpappy4877d ago

This guy is ready to buy Natal based on his preview with Ricochet. Yea. The same game everyone and their Momy have seen 1000 time.

The kids are loving the crap out of it.

I don't know what their will show at E3, but based on the reports form people who had hands on with this thing and developers, M$ may be looking a the Golden goose (Natal). I wish they had kept the name.

Can they move E3 to June 1st?

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xaviertooth4877d ago Show
Joni-Ice4877d ago

Im pretty sure Natal and Move will have some great advantages. Stay open minded come E3.

EasilyTheBest4877d ago

I will buy it at $150 as long as theres a few really good games.
Im hoping they will have a Gears type game where you use the original controller like normal but you can peep around corners just by leaning and perhaps throw grenades by an over arm move.
I really think MS will have a few things at E3 that are going to really WOW everyone. Something like Milo did last year. The bit where you draw something and you can hand it to the onscreen character. Just something like this something we cant even imagine and expect.
Im no expert but I can think of some really amazing games Natal could do. Yes there will be plenty of party type games but some hardcore games where Natal is used occationally could be amazing.

A few more weeks and we will all know.

hennessey864877d ago

i believe the reason gears isnt releasing till 2011 is so they can implement natal controls into the game it makes perfect sense for gears to be the first hardcore title to feature natal controls its going to be amazing i cant wait

Bigpappy4877d ago

It may not be based on fact, but it does make sense. This could also be applied to Gost Recon. Ubi already said that game will support Natal. It seems base on the tweet by Burnout developer, that M$ had some kind of recent showing to developers. They could have been new developements that people want to add to their games. It seeem that N$ is really spending the $ to try and get the best they can out of this tech. They are really, if nothing else, commited to this Natal device.

The 2 weeks do seem long when you try and guess what they have up their sleeves.

The Maxx4877d ago

I completely agree. At $150, I will be buying it day 1. I was willing to buy it at $200. If it's true and is bundled with a 360 for $300, then I will be getting that bundle.

PAPERCHASER03964877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

You honestly tell people if natal is bundled with an arcade 360 for 300.00 dollars that will be a good reason u will buy it? Realistically what are the chances of this if the cost of the camera by itself is true. So you see them giving you......

Arcade..... 150.00
camera..... 150.00
memory card. Free
games.... Free

We'll see

webeblazing4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

if u have 2 use a controller what the point of it. and throwing nades and voice commands has been done and defeats the purpose of natal. thats the point everybody been saying. ms said it was gonna be able scan ur body in 3d and be a controller-less experience. if they do what u said they could use for games like that their old cam can do that its been done b4 . they haven't shown anything since they announced it. i hope they show something hott at e3 and not just a eyetoy cause it was corny then and its corny now. even if it is the media wont care and try 2 convince the masses like usual. you gonna pay over a 150 for stuff they could did with they 1st cam, your definitely ms customers they know their market.

The real killer4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

I'm som sorry to say this, but Natal will be the biggest fail in history.
Jezus, who wants play with yourself?

The Maxx4877d ago

Play by myself? Wow you are either really out of the loop or really poor at trolling. Natal can distinguish 8 different people at once. Also the Ball game shows 2 people playing at once...so again...how is that playing with yourself?

Please elaborate.

Motion4877d ago

one or two people! I can't wait to play the ball game! its the best evah!!!!!!!!


Patrick4877d ago

Can you provide a link saying it supports 8 and not 4.. cause all I see is 4. Just curious... I dont think its 8. You would have to have a Huge living room just for 4.

Tony-A4877d ago

Natal supports four players, Einstein....