A $150 Project Natal Wouldn’t Be So Terrible

Edge probably sunk some hearts today by reporting a rumor that Microsoft’s motion-sensing Xbox 360 camera, codenamed Project Natal, will cost $150.
The “trusted source” who spoke to Edge pegs Natal at a much higher price than previously rumored. MCV reported in November that Microsoft would aim for roughly 50 pounds in the United Kingdom. Because both stories are based on anonymous sources, I don’t fully trust either right now. For all I know, someone inside Microsoft is priming the press for a higher price only to announce something shockingly reasonable at E3, a la the iPad.

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Al Bundy4878d ago

Damage control at it's finest. I love how playing with 4 players in the same room is so important all of a sudden. Who does that?

NOOBKILLA4878d ago

I would pay $150 for Natal as long as a supported AAA game is available at launch for it.

-Alpha4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

This is really what it comes down to. The games. This was the justification for the PS3 at launch, but even the PS3 didn't have must-have games at launch and whether Natal will is highly questionable.

Same applies here. However these games have to be very unique and very great in order to justify a purchase. At $150 Natal is just too expensive but no one can say anything about it until they see games and MS hasn't done that yet.

I think MS is not expecting sales from the supporting average 360 player AT ALL. I think that they are aiming towards a new market. This is why the accompanying rumor of an Arcade system bundled with Natal for $299 is as likely. If true it's evident that MS is aiming towards a new audience and these people will justify buying a $299 360 for Natal. The standalone price is just too much for us typical gamers, but it will obviously sell towards casual 360 users anyway. The 360 does have a casual fanbase, but whether they are a significant amount or would buy Natal at the standalone price is a reach. The only redeeming factor will be the games, but you can't judge what you haven't seen.

Also Al, LittleBigPlanet? ModNation? Rock Band? Halo 3? Local play is lacking this gen, but it is one of the greatest ways to play games. I applaud the companies that still support it.

HolyOrangeCows4878d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Droid Smasha, low carb, soda, hallmark, niceguywii60, xboxfan2005...wow! The entire delusional hypocrite defense force is here!

TotalPS3Fanboy4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

It's almost as if they're asking Microsoft to rip them off and scew them over. Why do they want Microsoft to rip them off so much?

There is no justification for such a steap price. Should only be $100 at the most, and that's already stretching it.

Droid Smasha4878d ago

uh lots of people. Madden, NBA Live, Halo etc. just because you dont have any friends doesnt mean everybody else doesnt.

Biggest4878d ago

So there are people that play 2 on 2 in Madden? Screw that mess! And how would 4 people play any of those games you mentioned with a camera as the controller?

Al Bundy4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Go look at the top games played on XBL and it's always COD MW2, Halo 3, COD WAW, COD4, and Gears 2. Are you telling me those games are being played with 4 players locally? I think not. 4 people do not play sports games pal, it's nothing but a mess when you do that.

- Ghost of Sparta -4878d ago

You could buy two PS Move controllers and an Eyetoy for less than $150. Damage control by a website paid off by Microsoft.

lowcarb4878d ago Show
kissmeimgreek4878d ago

move and yetoy bundle will be 100 hundred dollars. add another controller and two sub controllers and it gets much more expensive tha Natal.

princejb1344878d ago

no one hating dude
i myself when i play a video game i like to relax
not jump around or move another part of my body except for my hands
especially after work when you wanna relax of a tiring day
who would wanna move around

DelbertGrady4878d ago

I didn't know the price of Move was official? If you can get 2 Wands, 2 nunchuks and a PSEye for less than $150 Natal won't stand a chance. Still, nothing is official yet. E3 will bring answers.

Hallmark Moment4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

Nope! the rumor and the fud spread because of it is damage control made possible by Sony and PS3 fanboys. PS3 fanboys vote *hopefully it's true* in Natal high price articles because they know Natal will be a game changer. You don't even know what the fuc you're hating on when it comes to the rumored $150 price, if the rumor is to be believed. No details, no real info other than price from the supposed inside source from a site that had a supposed inside source say Natal would be $70 a few months before.

PirateThom4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

Natal's a game changer?

Yeah, because peripherals this late in the game are always a rousing success.

Here's the thing, no one cares. No one who bought a 360 or PS3 over a Wii cares about motion controls and absolutely no one cares about paying more for a console with a camera, and the same goes for Move but no one is hyping that as the second coming, over an established console... you know, like the Wii?

360 fanboys have been absolutely deluded by Microsoft that people care about Natal. Fact is, Wii exists and while Wii exists NO ONE WILL CARE.

lowcarb4878d ago

Princejb134: Nobody is saying your going to be forced to play it.There will be Natal games and regular games.

Pirate Thom: Then please explain why PS3 fanboys are the ones commenting on natal more then 360 fanboys? We don't know what to expect from natal but have every right to call you clowns out trying to act as if you no something we don't. Until it's officially unveiled we (you and I) have nothing to say that's credible. All I ever hear is how Move is better and Natal will suck from PS3 fanboys. Stop making up crap as if we've been hyping natal.Natal hypes itself so get ready come E3.

PirateThom4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

"Natal hypes itself"

Yeah, because Milo, Painting, Ricochet and "BAM! There it is" are really building the hype levels.

It's all smoke and mirror and fake presentations, that's the wrong kind of "hype building" and you damn well know it. Fact is, certain people have been hyping it since that presentation last year when Microsoft showed nothing working or anything real and continue to hype it as, noted above, "a game changer". Surly, even you can see how ridiculous this is.

And why do people remain sceptical of Natal?

Because camera devices on consoles have existed and all have failed to varying to degrees, regardless of the tech involved, it's still the same old "wave your body about" gameplay of Vision Cam, PlayStation Eye, DreamEye and EyeToy. Controllerless controls just haven't worked thus far.

sak5004877d ago

ANd the same sonyforce of ghost, piratethom will defend wholeheartedly sony's WiiAND. Talk about being hypocrite. They have nothing to do and are all in the news about Natal and keep saying the same thing over and over again that they dont care and it will fail.

beardpapa4877d ago

how many move games announced do you know that requires four players?

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Homicide4878d ago

Lots of Wii owners play with four players in the same room. There are a lot of fun offline multiplayer games on the Wii that the whole family or friends can enjoy. Something the PS3 & 360 lack.

SixZeroFour4878d ago

cant speak for the ps3 cause i dont have one, but i know my friends enjoy playing halo and l4d at my place

sjaakiejj4877d ago

Wanna see you play those games without a controller/buttons ;)

Natal's gonna work for games that are made for it. This excludes:
Adventure Games
Sports Games
Pretty much any game that includes moving forward, and any game that requires you to shoot.

SixZeroFour4877d ago

i would love to play natal-able l4d...imagine, shoving and punching zombies if you run out of ammo for the weapons

m234878d ago

I love games that offer 4 player split screen, my friends come over, as well as my brothers and my dad.

niceguywii604878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

Holy sh*t dude do you have to troll every Natal article? Are you even logging off to shower and to eat. You've been sitting in front of your PC waiting for Natal articles to troll for two days using 5 or 6 accounts. Always one of the first comments. Your panic is showing like a piss stain on white pants.

Dam you you did it while I was typing (((dizzleK)))

LOL I got 3 disagrees instantly yet the 360 fans saying good things about Natal disagrees stayed the same.

*waits for Albundy to use Greywolf, thebandit

If the $150 price is true it will for sure be a bundle package with games and possible other attachments and goodies not yet announced. Wait for the >World Premier< lol

$150 bucks is expensive because Sony announced Move would be under $100 giving fanboys something to attack Natal with. Of course this is after ignoring and deflecting Move's cost for extra Motion wands and sub controllers throwing the cost close if not over $300 for a average family.

Light Yagami4878d ago

That's all PS3 fanboys do. They troll and gang up on everyone who doesn't praise lord Sony.

soxfan20054878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

It's pretty funny to listen to PS3 fans when it comes to Natal. They love to complain that MS "nickels & dimes" this generation by charging extra for things that the PS3 includes.

However, Natal is a single unit that up to 4 people can use. No extra charge for multi-player. With Move (and Wii), each player needs a $60-$99 setup.

mookins4878d ago

Because 360 fanboys don't do the same exact thing they accuse PS3 fanboys of doing. And Light...weren't you in a PS3 article trolling? And yet you sit here and say all PS3 fanboys do it?

You people are deluded by Microsoft's lies and so-called promises. I'll let you live in your own world now.


Like I said, excuses to justify an overpriced product.

4 Players games.

FACTUAL evidence4878d ago

when you want a360, natal, xbox live, and a game....I bet the average mom won't buy this for their 12 year old..So it will suck if natal sparked your interest in a 360. See where I'm going?