Splash Damage: Brink's Story is Optional

GamerZines: In this month's issue of PCGZine, Richard Ham, creative designer of Brink, outlines how the game's interesting plot can be both enjoyed by story purists and ignored by those who only care about the fast-paced team-orientated shooter action.

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BYE3064d ago

The story must be really trivial if they decided to make it optional.

Good thing game purchases are optional, too...

chak_3063d ago

uh? It's a competitive multiplayer shooter, who cares about story? I mean you don't have story in BC2 MP or in MW2' MP, I don't see the problem here

Inside_out3063d ago

Looking awesome...this fall...

AliTheBrit193063d ago

haha nice comment,

Pretty much what I was going to say, if they are labelling the story as "optional" they obviously didnt put too much work into it.

Bluemaster773064d ago

This optional story is put in place for gamers who just want to experience the thrill of its gameplay just raw mechanics thats cool i prefer a blend of the two though as do most i would presume

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Guitardr853064d ago

Is this seriously what the younger generation has been driven to. I guess this is what a generation raised on the attention span of the 5 second commercial has come to love...sad!

Socomer 19793063d ago

wtf is this, a E for everyone disney killzone clone?
lol im waiting for the little mermaid boss fight.

zero atmosphere.