GamePro Preview: Final Fantasy XIII

In the mythical land of North America, where Final Fantasy sells far better than Dragon Quest, fans of Square Enix's flagship series have been foaming at the mouth for more details on the elusive Final Fantasy XIII, which was originally announced in a teaser trailer at E3 2006. Since then, Squeenix has spoon-fed the masses with merely minuscule morsels of information, which its ravenous fan base has been more than willing to pounce upon, devour, and scour the net in hopes of even more. But, will the game be able to live up to the excellence of its antecedents and deliver on years of media hype by the time of its release? Well, from what's been made known so far, it certainly seems to be following the series' pattern, making just enough changes to be fresh but keeping just enough tradition to be Final Fantasy.

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boi5427d ago

FF is by far the best rpg franchise ever(my opinion)...

Just stay true to the franchise and don't rush things and you got a great FF game...

So its good that they are taking their time of the next FF games :)

timmyp535427d ago

final fantasy versus 13 seems so kool... the music in the trailer for versus reminds me of the good old final fantasy x game

Farfromreality4135427d ago

When this game drops, I will have to hide in my little corner of the universe trying to get every little piece of the treasure... Squeenix...No more FFIX. My head and heart couldn't take it.

StarsCream5427d ago

I miss the turned based stuff. I will most likely get this, but I really miss the engine of FFX, a lot. I dont know why there is such a large fad going on the past couple of years swaying towards fast real time battles.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5427d ago

Until I played FF XII, the active battle system & gambits blow the old turn based system away!

I have a felling FF XIII is gonna reinvent the wheel and lay waste to the previous games.

Farfromreality4135426d ago

It looks like it has to do with the MMO fad that's going on. Makes it feel like there is more than one person playing with you and gives that party element back. Would work if your party members weren't retarded sometimes.

Although, I sucked at "Gambiting"(new verb ftw) so it was probably my fault.

sumfood4u5427d ago

Gotta agree FF12 kind turned me off with the applying protect every 35 seconds, with shell. but since I beat it i now use a Codebreaker an whalaw, big ass difference. I have Protect Shell Haste ect forever. I also upgraded my weak ass Espers to their full Penitential! Like how they're suppose to be. Anyone that hates on codebreaker, or consider us as cheaters, lack Creativeness an you didn't buy us the game, so don't complain! I'm looking forwards to the new Shiva aka my Favorite Summoning next to Levithan. FF13 looks promising an I can't wait to play it on the PS3 next year Believe It!