PGR4 Can Record Every Race Ever

Speaking to a UK gaming publication, Bizarre's Craig Howard commented that the PGR on demand service has the capability to store every raced played out on PGR4. You can also search for keywords and then rate each video, so for example you could put in a comment such as 'that was a great crash' and so forth.

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MikeJonesOK5423d ago

pretty cool hope other racing games learn from this

WaggleLOL5423d ago

Hey, how about focusing on actually shipping a game that runs at 720p and not that 1024x768 BS you pulled with the last game.

NRG5423d ago

In the last one, replays had great controls and stuff, but the actual recording and playback was a little weird. You could really see that the physics or something were different and it just looked like a 3D car model hovering down a path sometimes. I hope they will be better this time.

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