UFC 2010 Undisputed Out Today With Bonus PS3 Content

What’s up, everyone! I’m Wes Bunn, and I’m one of the game designers on UFC Undisputed 2010. Just wanted to take some time to give some perspective on what went into this year’s game. If you’re a fan of MMA, fighting games, or you just want to virtually choke out, punch, or kick one of your friends in the face, we think you’ll find something to be excited about.

First off, let me just say that everyone on our team truly loves MMA. We’re all fans of the sport, just like you. We get together and watch the fights all the time, and some of us actually train! The bottom line is that we’re gamers, we love MMA, and we truly want to make the absolute best MMA game possible.

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knight6263772d ago

nice 5 full length fights even tho some of the fights ended fast

Jack Klugman3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

but MS paying for exclusive DLC is "hilarious" isn't that right sony???

look up the word hypocrite and find a picture of sony.

CernaML3772d ago

No. Their FOCUS on exclusive DLC is hysterical. Your butthurt attitude is hilarious though. :)

mikeslemonade3771d ago

The exclusives on PS3 are good especially if you're a fan of MMA.

And there's a major difference between microsoft and sony paying for DLC. Sony doesn't spend billions to get JRPGs on their system and they don't spend 50 million for DLC that eventually becomes multiplatform.

ukilnme3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

When it comes to N4G, we all know that Sony can do no wrong. With that said, MS has had no problems dealing out cash for additional content (exclusive or not), there's no reason Sony can't do it either.

Edit: Hope my comment does not touch a nerve for most of you.

BeachBar693770d ago

Jack sent me this in private mail, I dont know why you wouldnt just responed with it here to share with all, maybe its the internet tough part (that i laughed at).

Here Jack ill post it for ya "would this be the same dictionary with your mom pictured under fat hairy cunt?

yeah.. all in good fun..

stay safe.. thanks for the internet trail with that nick btw.. see you soon!" - written to me by Jack Klugman with love :)

CernaML3770d ago

Hahaha Jack sent me a private message as well that had to do with my mom. I just laughed at it, deleted it and blocked him. :)
Flames wars over comments for all to see are funny. PMs are just sad. :P

BeachBar693771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Is the bonus content waiting for it to connect? Thats fun, and then it seems to be on the d!ckish side, dont know really what thats all about. Other then that this game is fun.

Ya nice bonus content, I got to go online hhaha, o the 4 characters, 2 that shouldnt even be on there.

I looked up the word hyprocite and it was a picture of your mom smoking, wierd. :) All in fun,

Trunkz Jr3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

EA Sports MMA ~ Here I come.

T9X693771d ago

Be prepared to be nickle and dimmed to death. You want to play online with a used copy? 10 bucks. Want a new character? 4 bucks. Want a new outfit? 2 bucks. Want to be lazy and unlock everything in the game from the start? 5 bucks.

EA can take a big long pipe and shove it up there ass.

peeps3771d ago

"You want to play online with a used copy? 10 bucks."

UFC 2010 has a code with new copies to unlock online too you know... seems every publishers at it now

nnotdead3771d ago

yes but THQ is only charging $5 lol

SknArt3771d ago

I went to buy a game yesterday... I picked up UFC 2010 and ModNation Racers. I asked the guy behind the counter if this UFC came with the need of a code to play online.. he said yes. It doesn't say anything on the case from what I could see... sneaky... but after he told me that it is.. i reluctantly put it back on the shelf.. i wanted that game SOOOO bad.. been waiting for it.. but found out about this $10 scam a few days ago.. Well now i'm half heartily enjoying MNR. I just can't support a publishing company that wants to nickel and dime it's consumers... MNRs has a ton of user created stuff.. :) and it won't bite me in the ass later to play it... nice.. what a concept

ceedubya93771d ago

But unless you are buying the game used, this won't affect you at all. All the code does is allow you to play your brand new game online. If you buy new, its only a minor inconvenience.

I think that we are just going to have to get used to the fact that this type of thing is going to be the norm in the future as companies try to do their best to fight against used game sales.

nnotdead3771d ago

its $5 not 10. if you look at gamestop used sale price its already $5 less then normal. at the end of the day you dont pay any more than if you bought 2009 used.

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