Xbox LIVE Games on Demand: COD4, Battlestations: Midway & Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"Content: Call of Duty 4
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions except Japan and United Kingdom

Content: Battlestations: Midway
Availability: All regions except India and Japan

Content: Battlefield 2: MC
Availability: Now available in Australia, Europe and New Zealand"

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ironwolf7774579d ago

I'm going to get so bloody flamed for this...
Most people are complaining about how overpriced it is, and that is true, but COD4 was so awesome that I'm downloading this so I can just jump into it from the dashboard without leaving the couch.
But really, I can spend $40 at the bar in under an hour. I know I can squeeze a couple hundred more hours of fun from COD4's multiplayer so it's a good value to me.
And the new map packs for MW2 at $15? That's $3 a map. That's less than a bus ticket. For something that will give me still many more hours of gameplay.

So fire up your torches if you must, but I know some people out there must agree.