Killzone 2's Controls Didn't Fail...Killzone 3 Shouldn't Change Them

Ironstar: "With the announcement of Killzone 3, its hard not to remember the greatness that was Killzone 2. The campaign of Killzone 2 is great and solid all around, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Despite a wildly popular multiplayer at launch, Killzone 2’s multiplayer was much unappreciated (in my opinion)."

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Faztkiller3166d ago

I loved the controls they can tweak them but please don't take away one of the thing that made the game great and different

FanOfGaming3166d ago

Yup, the controls were awesome.

coolcole933166d ago

Speaking of bubbles, is 3 like the limit now or something?

On topic: I really liked the controls, they just took some getting used to. Once you did, though, they were great.

- Ghost of Sparta -3166d ago

If Killzone 3 gets CODized I won't buy it. Call of Duty noobs ruined gaming.

Strange_Evil3166d ago

They can tweak it a bit, but don't lose the Weighty feeling, it's just adds a lot to the gameplay. I also would like them to keep the recoil same as KZ2.....

However, I found the bullet shower to be a tad bit inaccurate in KZ2, meaning if I am pointing my barrel with a Helghan just standing a feet away from the barrel and if I press the trigger down fully for a long time, then many of the bullets would miss on occasion. I don't know if any of you guys felt the same way or not ?? I just would like them to tweak their awesome hit detection system for even more realistic hits.....

Also, KZ2's controls initially had a long LAG which was around 166ms as per a few analysis by DF... So I would like them to bring that down significantly.

Cevapi883166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

its funny how people kick and belittle KZ2 for its laggy and "unrealistic" shooting mechanics yet they want controls that help you with a subtle aim assist *cough* CoD *cough*...the fact that you could run by an enemy w/o even noticing them in CoD when they camp was ridiculous...this tho is not a problem in nobody camps in KZ...if they do...its very easy to flush them out...guns kick back like they should, and the controls make for balanced games

@strange evil....yeah the showering of bullets was something that i felt like they needed to fix...when you are in close quarters or a small room and it gets hectic its very easy to completely lose control of the sure they are fixing the minor issues people had...if they went and revamped the core mechanics of the shooting, it might make those who have a problem with the controls happy, yet those who mastered it will need to get used to new mechanics and i for one wouldnt like that

morganfell3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Agree as well. The controls, the sway, it just felt unique and a damn fine piece of design.

Bathyj3166d ago

Subtle aim assist?

Its called Autosnap.

Its used in programs like Autocad.

HammockGames3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Personally, I liked the controls in KZ2.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Guerrilla tack on a "CoD-like" control option. Ya' know, for those that couldn't adapt ;0)

Inside_out3165d ago Show
mrv3213165d ago


So because it's set in the snow it's copy MW2? Because MW2 invented snow right?

Halo: Reach is copying killzone because Reach has a jetpack.
Gears 3 will copy God of War 3 because I said so... I don't have any evidence of this but I will pretend like I do.

'The single biggest complaint was the controls...MW2 has sold 10 times the amount of games as KZ...they will fix the controls if they want to be relevant...Same for the cover was broken...they need to adopt the cover system from Mirrors edge/Brink which is the cutting edge for FPS this gen...' Mirrors Edge didn't even have a cover system... so what are you on?

'Fanboys don't get it...Sony wants 10 million units sold for this game...' Your right you don't get it. When did sony say they want ten million sold again? Care to show me the article.

kneon3165d ago


The cod fans have COD, and will have a new one every year from the looks of it. They aren't likely to jump on the Killzone bandwagon en masse even if they did make the game feel like COD. And if they did do that they would lose a good chunk of the existing fan base.

It would be stupid of GG to make the controls too COD friendly, there are already too many games going after that target market. The only way to incorporate such controls and not alienate KZ fans would be to have it as an option in multi-player and allow you to choose to join only games that use your preferred control type.

LoVeRSaMa3165d ago

I didn't mind the controls, but I do understand many people were put off by this, perhaps if they just submitted to this one small thing they could make everyone happy?

pimpmaster3165d ago

WTF are you smoking?!?! the controls were terrible in kz2. just to shoot someone from cover would take holing 4 buttons!!!!! crouch, up, L1, R1. and im not even gonna talk about the horribly slow camera controls

SmokeyMcBear3165d ago

uhhh... pimp.. you do realize that shooting anyone also takes a bunch of button, the left and right analog sticks. the L1 for aiming, and R1 to shoot... Plus, if you played it the way it should have been played instead of copying MW.. the to zoom in was R3.. and you didnt hold it down, you simply pressed it.

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Hanif-8763166d ago

I think it should be like Battlefield Bad Company 2 it has a sense of weight yet accessible to most FPS gamers :-)

Noctis Aftermath3166d ago

Yes, more like BFBC2, hopefully they also remove the stamina/energy bar.


I think you nailed it there.

Simon_Brezhnev3166d ago

I say have a lot of control schemes so everybody can enjoy like BFBC2 and COD controls plus the already standard Killzone 2 controls.

vickers5003166d ago

Exactly. I did complain about KZ2 controls, because I personally did not like them, even though I did end up getting used to them and getting good at them, it still felt like a chore. Every time I make a comment about the KZ2 controls, people automatically assume I want them to be like Call of Duty. No, you fanboys, I DON'T want them to be like CoD.

I would much rather prefer they be responsive. Hell, make them like Bad Company 2 and it will be my favorite shooter of all time. I wouldn't even mind them making it like Resistance 1 or 2. There are plenty of different ways for Kz2 controls to change without adding noob controls to them.

Deadly Spartan hit it right on the head.

MiloGarret3165d ago

Let's give DeadlySpartan a fourth bubble (have you seen anyone with 4 yet?). Everyone who agrees vote +bubble (intelligent)

Oner3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I agree as well Vickers. EVERY time I talk about KZ2's aiming it becomes an argument about things that people are too ignorant to want to understand correctly about. Adjusting and tweaking is NOT making them exactly like COD.

People's comprehension about the topic (or in general for that matter as well LoL) is laidend with immaturity, a simple lack of just LISTENING and blatant name calling instead of trying to grasp what is trying to be explained to have a proper discussion about the subject!

There are 2 issues at hand that KZ2 had to deal with ~

1) Weight
2) Responsiveness (NOT COD style auto aiming)

I always wondered why the handgun had the same "weight" as the rocket launcher or rifles and why all the weapons "felt" the same and responded the same when aiming. If that doesn't make sense of how there was something clearly odd with KZ2 or throw up a "Huh?" flag then I don't know what else to say but ~ Pfft whatever...I'm not going to argue anymore with anyone about it because I like the "weight" just not the slow responsiveness/delay to an input! But if anyone has any insight or information they would like to discuss then please feel free to kindly reply!

@ Milo Garret ~ Done. (For him & Vickers500)

DarkSpawnClone3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

great idea dude!,BFBC2 controls are awesome killzone 3 actually sounds like its going to be similar with bfbc2 because of the destructible environments. killzone 3 sounds really cool i CANT WAIT!!! i hope its out this year or Earlie next year hurry up E3 i want a trailer!!,but i wouldn't mind the cod button layout either(not auto aim).one thing killzone 3 needs is more game modes and maps and guns.i loved how killzone 2 switched game modes all the time in one round of the multiplayer that was awesome! i want to play killzone 2 now, and i dont have a copy! ;[

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Bordel_19003166d ago

I have to agree, please don't change the controls. I don't play fps much, but I loved KZ2, the controls and pace and strategic type combat is what made me like this fps.

arakouftaian3166d ago

because they wan't all the controls to be easy to use and easy to kill.

is like a guy in n4g said

"is like if you g/f fake the organs and the real pleasure is when she really has a real organs" lol

alphakennybody3166d ago

"is like if you g/f fake the orgasm and the real pleasure is when she really has a real orgasm" *fixed*

N4GAddict3166d ago

It takes some getting used to but its was never a problem

mal_tez923166d ago

The weighty feeling of the movement, aiming and shooting is what makes Killzone 2 my favourite shooter.

CoD players can have enjoy their noob style simplisticnarcade game if they want, but i find it lacks immersion.

RatFuker3166d ago

the controls are a very good thing killzone2 has going for it. cant wait! snow levels! ( . ) ( . )

kwicksandz3166d ago

if it has the same/similar control scheme them im crossing kz3 off my shopping list. no excuse for sluggish unresponsive controls

Static-X3166d ago

Doesn't bother me, I changed my controls to Alternate 2 anyway. Felt more natural

stevenhiggster3165d ago

It's not the control configuration that ppl moan about it's the "laggyness".
I personally like the controls just fine the way they are, but I wouldn't complain if they tighten it up just a little.

RumbleFish3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

hmmm... I don't know exactly how to put this, but i have to say I loved the movement of the character and it's weighty feel but there's no excuse for the laggy response and the broken aiming that resulted from that.
So I hope for a demo when the game releases so we can check out if it will have the same broken aiming which they tried to fix with three!!! patches.
I remember when the demo was released through PSN everybody started to cry about the broken aiming and Guerilla said that will only be a problem of the demo, and it will be solved when the full game will be released. They lied and from some odd reason the community partially started to defend this broken aiming and like Guerilla called it a design decision. I really understand the praise for the game because it was unique and had stunning visuals but the hype made many gamers close their eyes.
If the controlls will be laggy again: sorry, not my cup of tea but good for the ones who liked it. If they get rid of the lag: this will be a day one purchase for me.

DA_SHREDDER3165d ago

Noone is asking for aim assist. We just want the controls to be tweaked to where we dont feel like a slug when we turn. Also, they should take out the cover system completely if they aren't gonna implement it online and just add prone. What is the big freakin deal?!!!!

Everyone I know that tried KZ2 really didn't like the weightiness when it came to turning and what not. At least 15 friends of mine didn't bother buying the game simply for that reason. Why should Guerrilla cater to a minority when it comes to this? You guys are the minority btw. If you weren't then the game would have sold over 2.5 million so far, which it hasn't. N4G doesn't reflect the general masses when it comes to this issue. Im not for the COD type of controls, just make it like BBC2 or MAG and I would be ecstatic.

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alphakennybody3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Can it get anymore clear as that? seriously, up your game and skills. KZ2 has by far in my opinion, the best fps controls and the grenades feels so natural( the best in any game) I hope they don't change that too.

gtamike3166d ago

Maybe have 2 options for controls

Faztkiller3166d ago

For Single player that would be fine but in MP it would make it unbalanced they could offer play-list for each but that would split the community so its easier said than done

unrealgamer583166d ago

shouldn't you adapt to the controls instead of whining

N4GAddict3166d ago

Yeah, the controls are fine.

ISKREEM3166d ago

I hate how anyone who don't prefer the "weighty" controls are considered some kind of lazy, whiny, person. While the ones who tolerate them think they're part of some super elite, hardcore, crowd.

They've nailed the controls for the multiplayer, and I think they are perfect for the game as a whole. I've never "hated" the weighty controls, but going back to the campaign after playing the multiplayer extensively is a real eye-opener.

CoxMulder3165d ago

I hate how anyone who prefers the weighty controls is called a fool, noob or idiot for supporting something "obviously" broken & unintentional. While the ones that complain about them think they're the only ones smart enough to know how Killzone/FPS-games should play.

BlackKnight3165d ago

You are fools. The "weight" is lag time. That's why even shooting the gun lags. You can't tell me a trigger is heavy, not to mention it would be dumb if a developer implement a delay of the trigger to simulate the time it takes the pull, it's already simulated, with your finger on your controllers trigger!

Take a long read. Fanboys need to realize GG never even TALKED about the weight/delay of aiming. That's because it wasn't implemented, it's a side effect of pushing the SPU's too long with so many postprocessing effects that you develop long frame time (the amount of time it takes to render a frame once it has been queued for render, this is completely different than FPS).

Sorry, but the "weight" is the engine lagging due to such a load for the graphics. THAT's why people are called fools. They look like sheep trying to do damage control about an engine that's laggy and try to pass it off as a feature, not a detriment. And this is completely different than COD's auto aim. This has nothing to do with auto aim.

CoxMulder3165d ago

Oh oh yeah sure, sorry mister expert..

All that article tells me is that Eurogamer analyses are terribly inaccurate and depend on too many variables.

So Killzone 2 has a few ms more latency than COD.. so f***ing what?

The game plays like a dream, and the heaviness adds greatly to the immersion and was IMPLEMENTED in Killzone 2, as it was in the original Killzone.

Funny how the experts on Killzone 2 are the people who READ about it instead of PLAY it. Simple idiots.

BlackKnight3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I played the game...about half way through the campaign. The last time I felt such laggy controls was years back when I had a subpar video card trying to run Far Cry 1 on max settings.

A few ms? try on average 50-180% more latency than what 30FPS latency should have (100ms vs KZ2's 150-183ms). KZ2 isn't the only one, it's another reason why GTA4 is so annoying to shoot in, it has horrible latency as well while games like UC1 and Gears feel so much better. I would say UC2 but they started adding motion blur and other effects onto the SPU's also and that game has laggy controls too now, such a shame. Graphics should not hamper gameplay. COD runs at 60FPS, so does GT5 and the forza series. There is a reason, because if you have a graphics engine that doesn't introduce frame lag, you can have controller response as small as 66ms! You want that responsivness, be it shooting in COD or timing cornering in GT5.

It was NOT implemented into KZ2, seeing as you are out of bubbles, PM any article to me where GG says so. I think KZ2 is a great game but this is a glaring flaw that kills the gameplay, especially a game that relies on shooting someone. It's not heaviness. heaviness would make it so that the weapons take time to accelerate up to the speed you want to turn, while this is lag. With lag, you push the stick, and there is NO motion, then once the game finally spits out the frames of you moving, moving as fast as you should have been when you first hit the stick. You need to learn the difference between a delay (lag) and slow acceleration ("heaviness").

The best analogy is hitting the gas pedal on a car and the car doesn't move and it takes time for the fuel injectors to release the gas and explode in the pistons and turn the wheels which is when motion final starts, thats lag and thats KZ2 and other games have too much of. Heaviness is simply the car being heavy and taking time to get it to speed up from 0 to the speed you want it to go, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

I'm not an expert, I'm just not a fanboy either.