KillZone 2 preview in P3Zine Issue 5

This month's issue of P3Zine is packed to the brim, thanks to a cracking E3 from Sony (the issue has a special E3 Report). It has a KillZone 2 preview, the top game on every PS3 gamer's most wanted list, but also an exclusive interview with developer of the PS3's first killer game, coming this year, Heavenly Sword and an update on GTA IV. Click here to download the issue for free.

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mrk015427d ago

is it just me or the download doesn't work

THC CELL5427d ago

Just u mate.
try again

Btw The game looks and sounds great i can not wait.

When do u think we will see the game at 100%?

CranberryPub5427d ago

Won't work as in doesn't download, or as in something wrong when you have downloaded it. The download itself is working fine, so if it's not then there's something wrong.

If it's not opening properly, then I would guess that you aren't using a recent copy of Adobe Reader. The PDF uses lots of features from PDF 1.5 (animation, video, etc) and only Adobe Reader v6 or above (not Foxit or Mac preview, etc) can display this. We recommend version 8 on a PC because it fixes various security flaws and adds compatibility with IE7.

There's a troubleshooting page on the site and contact details for us if you've still got problems.


can you STOP posting the same killzone articles over and over again?

This is getting ridiculous! NO-ONE CARES.

THC CELL5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

people must care if it was approved.
if u don't like it don't click on it.

You may not all the Previews are Not the same Ya no
and i myself would like to hear from them all Thank u


This website has a huge sony bias. Now im not sure why, maybe its because all of the xbox 360 owners are busy playing quality games on their system of choice - but I for one am sick and tired of it.

N4G must do something

Bathyj5427d ago

Actually its probably just that a lot of hardcore Xbots have mysteriously gone quiet since E3. Maybe you should too or perhaps just dont click on an article if you dont want to read it.

hazeblaze5427d ago

I'm a 360 owner and I wish I knew those quality games you speak of :-(

Just get over it, there has been much more good news coming out of the Sony camp than the Microsoft camp, period.

ReconHope5427d ago

sony has been bashed for months and u come at a so called "inconvenient" time(when the games start coming out) and start crying. just stay out of the ps3 section, its that simple.

THC CELL5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )


cool down mate i wont offend u. this was posted by a journalist Who Must be doing something right.

Like i said before I want to no everything about this Game.

You are proving u are a Fanboy to X box in ur post i would watch what u type in future.

Killzone is one of them 50/50 game I can be the best or it can fail as the first Killzone did ( well in the reviewers eyes ) i myself found the game Good.

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