Confirmed: No X07 this year

Microsoft's annual European event, called X07 this year, has been cancelled according to Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.

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achira5424d ago

surprising! whats going on with ms ? i hope they cancel their console and concentrate on the os.

AngryTypingGuy5424d ago

Why would you hope they cancel the Xbox when millions enjoy it? Are you insecure because the PS3 hasn't sold that much yet? What an ass.

The Snake5424d ago

It's simple if you think about it. He wants the Xbox to fail so that all of its fun games will come out on PS3 instead. That way he can enjoy them rather than be obligated to hate them due to his fanboyism.

THC CELL5424d ago

Something is really going to blow up soon and its going to shock everyone

Good or bad im here to watch out

Rhezin5424d ago

yah and wtf are you implying that the 360 is gonna go on a complete recall and Bill Gates will self-detonate? Hell no 360 is gonna stay strong whether any of you like it or not they have such a huge install base right now it would be an impossibility.

AngryTypingGuy5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

Peter Moore was probably responsible for hosting the event. It most likely centered around him. Since he is no longer with Microsoft, he won't be doing the event anymore. Then again, maybe it has nothing to do with that, who knows.

The 360 will continue to sell with or without Moore. They'll find someone to fill his shoes if the new guy doesn't.

EDIT: It looks like Moore is heading to EA in September. I'm not sure when his last day at MS is, or if he would've been able to host the event.

Xbrainer5424d ago

most ppl who own a 360 dont know who Peter Moore is

Odion5424d ago

this was already posted this morning how did it get reaproved

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The story is too old to be commented.