EG interview: Robert Garriott, NCsoft U.S. president (On Sony Partnership)

Robert Garriott, president of NCsoft North America, took some time out of his busy E3 schedule to discuss the NCsoft and Sony partnership with Robert Summa.

Some existing NCsoft online titles will be coming to the PlayStation 3 in addition to new IP. Those titles that do come out for the PS3 will be exclusive to the system, according to Garriott

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Odion4108d ago

So... what do you guys think they'll bring? COH and guild wars would be such a pain in the ass to port, i don't know how you could do it.

But ya NCsoft isn't known for amazing MMO's, of course there really are only 3 good ones.

1. World of Warcraft
2. Lord of the Rings Online
3. Eve Online

rev204108d ago

I have yet to find a better mmo with a better pvp system then lineage 2.

that game was my favourite mmo, Aion also looks really promising by ncsoft dunno about the playstation though just have to wait and see

boi4108d ago

doubt WoW will go Ps3...but i think something like Guild Wars suitable :D I have that on the pc but don't play it on my pc because im taken bck mostly by other game son the pc lol

ermmm EVE Online be great i always want to try that out but not bothered

Odion4108d ago

ya WoW will stay on PC, Blizzard has never been to keen to deal with consoles, its a lot fo extra work, considering they don't really need the extra sales.

Siesser4108d ago

Never been a fan of MMOs, but I've heard good things about Lineage, and I've always been intrigued by the concept of City of Heroes.

And thanks to whomever edited the submission by embedding the video. I'll have to make sure to include that next time :).

Darkiewonder4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

"Did we mention that not only are our MMO games are coming to the ps3, It'll be free of charge to play without monthly charges"

Just Saying.

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