Where Do Games Go When They Die?

As we trend ever deeper into a world of games that require servers maintained by the developer or publisher, we see more and more games disappearing from the world. What happens when these games are shut down? What does it take for a game to survive beyond this point?

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NecrumOddBoy721d ago

Alamogordo, New Mexico "RIP E.T."

ApocalypseShadow721d ago

I was going to say that. Lol!

Actually, "Just ask Atari where ET is."

But basically the same joke.

gangsta_red720d ago

Do all games go to heaven?

vikingland1720d ago

It depends on how good they are :-)

Profchaos720d ago (Edited 720d ago )

Most modern games that have online components like destiny rely so heavily on co op between players that even if you had a full disc version popping it in and playing won't be a fun experience as you can't play the actual game after hitting a wall with difficulty levels of they even boot

But classic titles like vice city will still be the same in 2049 as they were in 2001 provided you play on a disc not stripped down digital versions that have the soundtrack cut out ten years later

Traecy720d ago

They don't die,they just become irrelevant. Multiplayer games are another story.

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