'Rock Band' Drum Kit Details

The drum controller is played by striking one of 4 foam pads, representing the snare drum, tom-tom, hi-hat, and crash/ride cymbals. The set will also feature a kick pedal for bass drum and will ship with a pair of drumsticks.

Game developer Harmonix says that if players can master the drum peripheral on hard difficulty, they will be able to play the instrument in reality, meaning that, get this, we'll finally be able to get some real world use out of constantly playing videogames!

Check out the story for pictures of the drum kit.

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Syko4114d ago

Rockband is going to kick major ass. I will be getting this and the game bundle. Then buy the mic seperate. I already have 2 guitars from Guitar Hero 2 that I can use for this game.

Harmonix, FTW
Activision, FTGDMFL

Siesser4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I too have two guitars, but from buying the PS2 GH1 and GH2 bundles. So, they won't help me here. I'm kind of torn how to approach this. I think originally I'll buy the Rockband game with the Drum periph, and GH3 with the controller. That way, I can use that controller in Rock Band as well...GH3 will just have to be single player for a while, I guess. When the full song list is revealed, I may just pass on GH all together, but they went and got Knights of Cydonia, and I love that song.

I agree though; Harmonix is where it's at.

Syko4114d ago

LOL, and don't think you Sony boys are immune to the ass rape that is DLC for Guitar Hero. Activision has lost all respect from me. I'm sure you saw it. Guitar Hero 2 for the 360 "MOST DLC EVAR!!!" Then they release 3 overpriced Guitar Hero 1 retreads and never say another word until last Wednesday when they released one more overpriced retread from Guitar Hero 1. On top of all that the battle mode looks like it will ruin the game on the new Boss Battle modes. Until Rockband proves otherwise I will hope they wont "Rape" on the DLC prices. Still GH has said they will release every year so why would they support "Non-raping" DLC??

GH = Madden **'
Rockband = New and Fresh with a stream of DLC

Siesser4114d ago

It will be interesting to see how pricing for that works out. Outside of PSN games, there aren't too many things released yet that we've had to pay for when it comes to additional content, so there's no good standard on which to base it. Singstar, being first party and designed around the concept of buying additional tracks, will probably become the de fact standard for prices.

Adamalicious4114d ago

We keep hearing about what a pain it is for devs to release anything on XBLM - most recently regarding unreal. We'll see how it shakes out.

Syko4114d ago

Will be interesting to see how PSN stacks up against Xbox live. Because I think every fan of this series knows that if the online has ANY lag it will ruin the experience. All I know is that if PS3 gets the better online and cheaper DLC I will go APE $HIT!!

mrk014114d ago

rock band will basically be a rock band playing. Are all the instruments included with the game or separately?
-whats that going to cost in total $150-$200
expensive or not, this is going to sell like crazy.

Adamalicious4114d ago

We don't have any official word on pricing or packages but you can check for their tentative pricing. Word is you can get the game with either a guitar, a mic, or drums or all three and can buy each separately. They have the bundle with game, mic, guitar, and drums listed for $199 but it's not official yet.

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