Zipper:"Info on next Patch coming next week and Big DLC info before E3"

"Info on our next patch will be coming next week (but not all of it -- it's so large that it will take multiple updates to tell you about it) and info on our bigger DLC will be after that (before E3)."

Jeremy Dunham
Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

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Chubear3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

SVER Domination map is likely getting nerfed. Just want to have a good idea of what the new game mode will be and when it'll be released.

SeanRL3253d ago

I stopped playing this game, they just nerf everything the fans complain about. The gameplay still never felt right to me.

execution173253d ago

just about everyone uses LMGs, basically spray and pray you get some kills, not cool when you have 8 guys firing 800rounds at you, then the SVER domination match is torture if you have a platoon with people who don't know how to work as a team (pretty much valor) the people getting booted i don't really mind, its usually just someone being an ass towards the other squad members, 160hrs in 8 ribbons shy from having them all :)

jjohan353253d ago

Unfortunately nobody I know still plays this game. The game immediately becomes unbalanced when each faction has their own maps to defend. I think Bad Company 2 achieved what MAG tried to do. At least it was a technical milestone/accomplishment for Zipper and I look forward to their next major project besides Socom 4 (I already know that one will be great).

Chubear3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

That would be one massive DLC though. New Faction would have to have Sabo, Aqui and DOM maps too. I'd think there would be a massive exodus from other factions to do atleast one tour on that faction too

woolley3253d ago

They already said that won't happen ever cause they would have to restucture everything in the game and they have enough to handle with just the three factions we already have.

Dark_king3253d ago

actually they said they could add another faction their engine is fairly open for them to do as they please.They also stated that 3 way fights were possible.I am betting its more along the 3 way fight then a new faction.

ThanatosDMC3253d ago

I'm hoping for maps and weapons, especially new sidearms.

brew3253d ago

Game needs a $20 pricecut and any core DLC like maps or modes should be free. This is a game that relies on player counts , so please don't try and squeeze money out of us ..... we already paid $60 and we want the game to thrive.

ThanatosDMC3253d ago

I agree, they need to lower the price of the game. Btw, does anyone know if Socom: Confrontation is any good? I saw it today on Gamestop for $14 used.

Nicaragua3253d ago

Socom confrontation is awful, save your money

NoOoB1013253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

hopefully the new game mode has all 3 factions fighting each other at once =D

Maybe like a king of the hill type mode


64 vs 64 vs 64 players. Would be interesting.

woolley3253d ago

They said that doing that isn't possible to do yet.

ThaOutKast3253d ago

How would that not be possible to do? I am no game developer but seeing as how 256 players can be on one map at once so why not 192 players (64 vs 64 vs 64 like CENTAURO said)?

woolley3253d ago

Listen to the podcast. They say it in there.

DA_SHREDDER3253d ago

They talked about all the DLC that might be coming in last weeks podcast. It was awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.