Review Round-up: Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception

No strangers to the concept of delivering an epic storyline, the creative boffins at Square Enix have turned their imaginations towards the stars with Xbox 360 space battler Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception.

And seeing as though Project Sylpheed arrives in a next-generation genre that's not exactly bursting its space-faring bulkheads with high-performance content (read: Bethesda's Star Trek: Legacy) then its release could well be construed as a well-timed opportunity to impress.

But how will it perform in the eyes of the Internet's most ardent of gamers: the critics? Strap yourself in, arm your weaponry, slam the turbo boost, and find out with GamerSquad's critical round-up.

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PS360WII5427d ago

I played the demo it seemed pretty fun but I just hate the controls they gave it... bleh