Microsoft exec dismisses PS3, Wii launches

Xbox Europe head of marketing Richard Teversham doesn't know if Nintendo and Sony will be able to launch their new systems across the pond this year, but he said Microsoft has a few surprises at the ready if they do, according to an article on the Web site of British industry publication MCV.

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"I don't want to reveal any plans at the moment because we want to keep a number of surprises up our sleeve," he told the magazine. "We will ensure we are good value, and we'll do that through having a variety of pricing on games, a variety of pricing on console offers."

its going to be a new bundle, not a price cut...


DC RID3R5530d ago

the DS vs psp is an indication of things to come, then the wii will absolutely destroy the PS3 in japan!!!

Over this side of the pond, I really wanna see just how Sony think they can buuly MS around, like thay did SEGA back in the day!!!!

What a lot of dumb Fony fans need to put into context is, that Microsoft, is on an entire different planet to Sony Business wise!!!!!

Sony is a mere goldfish in the ocean compared to MS, who would be a Great white shark!!!!!

Even Nintendo, who soley relys on video gaming revenue (sony, has business in movies, home media entertainment, video games, the music industry), compared to sony, have much,much better business sense than them!!!!!!!

nintendo, even though a much smaller company compared to sony, easily holds their own!!!!!

Sony wouldn't even have a fu*kin clue on how to go about designing, and constructing a video game system, if it wasn't for Nintendo or Sega!!!!!!!

Sony is full of SH*T!!!!! FULL STOP!!!!

How can a company, when being asked for help from nintendo, for a disk drive, try and then pimp them,their own Japanese bredrin, at the last minute, by raising licensing prices on games!?!?!?

Ms as a company would eat Fony for breakfast!!!!!!!

There is no way on earth, that Sony could ever step up to MS!!!!!!

And nintendo pisses all over Fony on the games front also!!!!!!

All you Fony Dic*heads going crazy over PS3 games are so stupid to plainly see the facts that if MS really WANTED to, could buy all them exclusives you see for PS3 at the mo, and just scrap em!!!!!!!!!


SOny don't even make any FUC*IN games!!!!!!!!

apart from freekin gt!!!! WOW!!!!!
oh, and ape escape (forgot that classic)!!!!

specialguest5529d ago (Edited 5529d ago )

oh shiet! you're hyperventilating again~! take your meds and calm down kid. you're getting a little too stimulated.

THE TRUTH5528d ago (Edited 5528d ago )

WHAT MS IS SAYING ABOUT SONY? This isn't even newsworthy? I expect this news article from the likes of "the so-called" Real Deal lol.

I guess only time will tell, but my prediction is after Sony's showing at TGS They will carry a huge momentum into thier launch and 360 will become and an underpowered afterthought, and a 3rd chioce for desperate gamers who didn't pre-order thier wii's or PS3's. (my opinions)

Marty83705528d ago (Edited 5528d ago )

This guy is a nob,M$ should be worried of both PS3 & Wii,X360 has already done crap in Japan,Uk market looks like its goin the same way.With reports of loads of Xbots tradin in there X360's for a true nex gen console(PS3 or Wii).

MONTY 1875528d ago

any1 trading in an xbox360 for a console they have not played is an idiot! even if they want a ps3 why would they sell up now? why not wait until ps3 is tried and tested?

DC RID3R5528d ago

so the TGS show BETTER be REAL GOOD for fony, otherwise, they'll be completely FU*KD!!!

highps35528d ago

You're an idiot. Nice racism by the way. I thought 360 was all for the Wii a few months ago? Now they want to compete? Nice two faced comment.

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