Ar Tonelico 3 US Release Hinted

The-O Network reports that in a press event invitation email they received, NIS America slipped in an extra image of 2 characters silhouetted behind curtains who resemble Ar Tonelico 3's lead female roles Saki and Finnel.

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callahan093075d ago

Seriously. This is awesome! When is the event?

Darrius Cole3075d ago

I never heard of the franchise. How good is it?

patterson3075d ago

Hopefully we'll have the option for Japanese/English dubs.

ClownBelt3075d ago

Oh that's definitely included.

Redempteur3075d ago

I want both set of voices ..FOR EVERYONE including the shops events ...


Magnus3075d ago

I am counting down the days for this game this game is worth the wait.

3075d ago
BldyShdw3075d ago

Could someone tell me what this game is like? People seem excited. I literally can find no info. Are the first 2 good?

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The story is too old to be commented.