HD DVD Outpacing All Next-Gen Formats in Sales Growth

At the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) Home Media Expo 2007, the North American HD DVD Promotional Group yesterday announced that overall HD DVD hardware sales were up 37 percent from Q1 to Q2 2007, while software sales experienced a 20 percent increase in growth. The data is based on NPD reports, Nielsen Netratings reports and point of sale data from the studios. During the same time-frame, overall Blu-ray hardware sales saw a 27 percent decline from Q1 to Q2, and Blu-ray software sales were down 5 percent.

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nobizlikesnowbiz5424d ago


HD-DVD is dead! Wow!

Looks to me like theres plenty of life left in both formats. Which actually pisses me off. I just want to watch HD movies without being screwed by the losing format.

BluRay lose! So I can get a $150-200 HD player!!!!11

SuperSaiyan45424d ago

I can buy all the movies I want on HD-DVD even T2 is coming to HD-DVD! And the quality will be seriously far better than the abosolute horrid grainy blu-ray version that I got rid of!

They sell imported versions from Europe that are on HD-DVD where in other countries its on blu-ray.

Lots of Harry Potter fans out there and guess what, its on HD-DVD only and at present so is The Matrix...Oh and Lord Of The Rings will be HD-DVD only as well.

shysun5424d ago

I have T2 on looks awesome.

xfrgtr5424d ago

HDDVD IS DEAD,Harry potter will be on both format in the US at the end of the year,LOTR will be on BD too,liar.
Blu-ray Association hits back at HD DVD sales claims.The Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee has hit back at HD DVD’s figures in yet another tit-for-tat argument over which format is winning the format war, and who is the best at making the numbers work for them.

According to the Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee, it says that this claim is “misleading and misrepresentative” of the real and clear market trends in Europe, before admitting that HD DVD “does have sales advantage for several reasons”.

Where is has a gripe however, is that the HD DVD figures fail to include the European PC drive sales or Sony’s PlayStation 3 console.

According to the BDA European Promotions Committee including these would mean that Blu-ray Disc accounts for almost 95% of all next generation hardware sales in Europe this year.

cdzie15424d ago

Anyone that includes the phrase “HD DVD is dead” (and there are many) in a reply completely shows their ignorance.

HD DVD is gaining market share (away from Blu-ray, I might add) and there are new movies being announced almost daily. Toshiba is just starting to put HD DVD in laptops and there are more surprises on the way.

I’m not saying HD DVD will win or that Blu-ray will lose, but HD DVD is gaining momentum quickly.

binard3285424d ago

Which one is it? HD-DVD or Blu-Ray? It seems that every week there's an article on this crap. "Blu-Ray killing HD-DVD!" "HD-DVD spanks Blu-Ray!" What the hell?!

Kratosnake5423d ago

it's really no use beating at this anymore.

Blu-ray will outsell HD-DVD this holiday season... and I have a strong feeling that Universal, the only remaining excuslive supporter of HD-DVD, will announce their neutrality either by the holiday season, or early 2008.

Blu-ray is clearly dominant and only ignorant consumers are choosing HD-DVD over Blu-ray.

Blu-ray has:
Better capacity
Better studio support (by far)
Better copy-protection technology (very important for companies)

ALI G5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

errrrrrrrr...there is only 2 format including HD DVD

anyway well done HD DVD...COEMPTION is always better, force the other formate to improve and try outperform it.i prefer HD DVD for movies for it interactively while blue-ray as storage solution

@expy:you have point,which is many studio backing blue-ray but HD DVD had more titles relased last quarter than blue-ray .thanks mainly to universal studio.

cuco335424d ago

do some research... it was even noted on here that a 3rd main participant entered the HD battle. it's popular for those asian foreign flicks like in india. but this round is still a battle between hd dvd or bluray

nice to see that my assumptions that the format war is FAAAAAAAAAAR from over. digital distribution also plays a role as it holds back from those looking to rent HD movies without owning and chosing hd dvd or bluray (i am one of those. good to know i can rent and download HD movies via my xbox360 and soon, eventually, on the ps3)

Mr VideoGames5424d ago

what now SONY FATBOYS eat my shorts

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