Sega Returns to Australia

At the moment it is unknown why SEGA are moving back to Australia but Bhopti did reveal "It's a big investment in Australia. We have other people on board at the moment, but aren't ready to announce who they are."

Could SEGA be gearing up for another Console Release? Or is SEGA preparing for a big comeback to the video game market.

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JCDenton5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

It would be nice to see SEGA back in the console business, but I doubt it would happen (at least for a few years or so...).

On the other hand, it would be stupid to introduce 4th competitor in the console market. Maybe SEGA knows something that we don't...hmmm...

neil19885428d ago

well from what i have seen is that the alot of masses have been wanting sega to come back since 2004 i have been deeply looking in to this ever since then and with sega still doing hardwaer in the arcade wich shows the same as 360 & ps3 . and then them joining with sammy hoo is a big hardwaer company . and now that they have there good reputation back and has shwon that they can make great games still
i belive there tering to make alot of money in the consol war tomake a new consol in the next war . thats just what i think . after all these years i have been monerting this stuff lol.

and hears a long long long long LONG shot no evidence at all on this just somthing i think cod happen but there is no evidence on this so dont get made at me lol

mabey xbox after 2 consol wars with still no victory mabye MABYE they might get out after the war and give segas new consol the online power that they have like they first did with the sega dreamcast .

thats a long long shot of happening but you never know
so please dont get made at me lol. this is just what i think.

Also Known As5427d ago

i love sega too but thats a stretch