Halo Wars: first in-game media; demo planned

During last week's E3, IGN and Joystiq were fortunate enough to attend a demo presentation of the game hosted by none other than Ensemble Studios, the devs behind the Age of Empires franchise.

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P4KY B5429d ago

But without a mouse it will suck. Just like C&C3.

Skizelli5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

No, it won't suck. You'll just suck. :D

If we're lucky, perhaps it'll see a PC release in the future.

P4KY B5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

Admit it to yourself. This game would be awesome with a mouse and not quite as good without one.
I was very excited about C&C3 on the 360 it was one of the reasons i got an xbox. But then i played the demo and got a headache from the fixed reticle.
Playing C&C3 on the 360 seems like hard work compared to the PC version. And I expect Halo wars to be the same.

I hope i'm wrong.

Skizelli5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

Any diehard RTS fan would agree that a keyboard and mouse is better than a gamepad, just as the same applies to most FPS. I personally had no trouble with C&C3 on 360. It actually gave me hope for Halo Wars. If I'm recalling correctly, they spent 6 months on the control alone (Halo Wars, that is). The you sucking bit was only a friendly gesture, my point being that just because someone can't get the hang of something doesn't mean it sucks.

You know Halo was originally going to be an RTS, right?

jib5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

im used to using a mouse too. but i'd give it a try. i used to play redalert on ps back in the day.

but anyways, it looks fun. can't wait for the demo

tplarkin75428d ago

Wow. I'm not an RTS player, but that looked amazing. Halo Wars just may attract new players to the RTS genre.

mighty_douche5428d ago

microsoft should spend their time better developing their games than wasting time working on a demo! oh and for you JIB get your self a ps3, adventually i can see most of thier games supporting keyboard and mouse! i was amazed when i plugged my G7 doungle into my ps3 and the mouse fuctioned straight away, even my pc required an instal disc!!