What could Capcom's E3 'bombshell' be?

"Hi ho, Capcom. What’s that you’ve got there? Something ‘big’? Hmmm. As in ‘gosh a new kind of gun for Lost Planet 2′ big? Or ‘we’ve just bought Sega and they’re only making Amy Rose games from now on’ big?"

(Green Man Gaming)

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ironfist923071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

What I want it to be: Dino Crisis Reboot or Monster Hunter 3 for PS3 ONLY

What It'll probably be: Nothing Important, probably extra skins for Lost Planet 2

saint_john_paul_ii3071d ago

dont expect capcom to make games exclusively on one Platform. they are done with that.

Godmars2903071d ago

Which is why the 360 has MH game?

(Even if its only a PC port.)


Specially at this E3 with move and natal coming out for real. If anything we can expect Capcom big announcements multiplatform for Wii, PS3 and 360.

Also, whatever this is, it will have DLC locked on the disc that will be sold to you by some high price within 3 weeks maximus after the launch.

Don't expect old revivals as Strider or Dino Crisis. By te way Capcom have been handling it's business lately, we'll be look if they come back to Onimusha or if the next MH, RE and DMC don't suck.

Inside_out3071d ago

...RE4 for the Sony Move and 360 Natal...

Hoping...Darkwatch....since RDR is doing so well and it's a western...Hmmmmm...

Noctis Aftermath3071d ago

Announcing that they will copy Activision and release a $15 map pack for LP2.

sikbeta3071d ago

Dino Planet: Extreme Condition lol j/k

Monster Hunter PS3?
A Good Dino Crisis Sequel?
A Not Crappy DMC5?
RE:Outbreak File#3?

Reibooi3071d ago

The only thing that strikes me as a Bombshell is a Darkstalkers game. Mainly because most of the other stuff is a given it's just a mater of when not if. With Darkstalkers it's a if not when. So if it came out of no where I would consider that a bombshell. I think it's unlikely however considering it would steal Marvel Vs Capcom 3's thunder and that's a bad idea considering how long people have been waiting for it.

A Dino Crisis Reboot or at least a sequel that brings back Regina because after she was gone the series went downhill quickly. Would be awesome but I don't think it would be a bombshell.

Would also love to see another Onimusha as well but again that seems like a matter of when.

Breath of Fire would be nice but since Capcom said they were not doing another one for the foreseeable future I find that one unlikely.

Blaze9293071d ago

Onimusha on Xbox 360/PS3 = win

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dirigiblebill3071d ago

Strider remake! Come on, Capcom...

HairyArse3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Monster Hunter Fouriiii for 360?

Nugundam00793071d ago

for a new Breath of Fire-or a Reboot of Breath of Fire

dirigiblebill3071d ago

Completely forgot Capcom did Breath of Fire. The 4th and 5th ones were awesome. Fingers crossed :)

karam3071d ago

I hope this bombshell is better than the history changing announcement from Square Enix

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